Red Pill or Green Pill?

Red Pill or Green Pill

March 23, 2014

All but a few of the population are on the ‘Red pill’, or the third pill for personal evolvement. The ‘red pill’ is for those who by inaction are just treading water or ‘just stuck’ in the same ole, same ole! The ‘Green pill’ people, have decided to move forward in their personal growth and awareness. These, regardless of income success, are the movers and shakers, and iconoclasts of the moment. The ‘greens’ are the future rising consciousness of the planet in the race to catch up with out of control technological developments. Then there are those who have taken some ‘black pill’ to serve themselves at the expense of everyone. These are the ‘world controllers’ as are the Rothschilds.

Actually, there are at least four pills in the matrix of the human current condition of waking up while most sleep drugged out by the ‘red pill’. That pill is the hope for the rise of the human consciousness into a new man and woman in whatever combination they are (transgender or…). Most of humanity at the moment are ‘idiots’ of one variety or evolution or the other. Mogul billionaire Donald Trump is one of the most evolved of the idiots which I refer to as the ‘super idiot’. The ‘super idiot’ is often a mover and shaker but at the expense of real personal evolvement. That evolvement begins with the ‘Amber pill’ which is those who are ready to jump into the elusive ‘green pill’ matrix.

The ‘amber pill’ I also refer to as the ‘moron pill’. The ‘morons’ are ‘more-on’ than the masses, including Mr. Trump who is stuck on ‘ego’ control. The ‘more-on’s’ have stepped into the higher realms in search of inner godliness without the attachments to the material as well as non material that the idiots or ‘red pill’ people have done. The ‘amber pill’ people are open, actively to loving all, and on the path to loving unconditionally someone, and not just children, especially their own.

‘More-on’ people are rarely sheeple who follow the path of any ‘belief system’ or  doctrine. ‘More-on’ people are beginning to value the ‘inner’ over all outer rewards. In a sense, they are awakening to a new reality on the quest to ‘superconsciousness’. The ‘amber pill’ types are discovering the freedom to love with no guide lines, but compassion and sensitivity. At some point in this, the light turns green hopefully, and some of them become deeply ‘being human’ (or real human beings) as an expression of godliness.

‘Green pills’ are the ‘gardeners of love’, and by their own example of deep self love! Do you hear that bell? It’s time to wake up to reality, and see that the ‘white light’ you may see is the ‘White Pill’ of enlightenment or superconsciousness.

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