Are You on Meds?

Are You on Meds?
March 21, 2014
Unlike a few years ago, it seems that most everyone I encounter is on ‘meds’ of one form or the other! Drugs like Cepacol, vicodin, zocor, zanex, microzide, and then viagra, cialis, pot, heroin, coke, sugar, etc. Even Noah’s ark is a drug to substantiate or reaffirm the beliefs and faith of Christians or Muslims. On the ‘Noah’s Ark drug, not only have none of the credible researchers of religion myths found no evidence of an ark, but it defies all logic to have housed all kinds of animals, two by two!  Faith and belief in a non provable ‘theory’ from ancient times, drugs you from having objective questioning.

Meds for pains and disabilities used properly are sometimes a godsend to millions, but most can be dangerous, or at best a placebo unlikely to improving you into a positive healthy being way!!!

Medication ‘abuse’ is all too common. Case in point is one ‘young middle age’ guy with fibromyalgia pains who lived here at the Yesss Center for a while, was prescribed a couple, three medications, which didn’t kill his pain enough so he would drink a glass of milk with vodka in it which he claimed helped sooth the pain! He didn’t drink other alcohol.

The human body with its mental and emotional capacities is of course like an extremely fragile instrument. Most abuse all or some of themselves, often to cover up previous abuse physically, mentally, or emotionally. Meds in one form or other are usually an ‘experiment’ without knowing if they will elevate or heal whatever is affected, or just the human consciousness. Medications, although sometimes helpful, are often a replacement of symptoms that a life of using a meditation could alleviate a need for ‘meds’. In a sense, we are being used as ‘lab rats’ or guinea pigs for future generations. Important to ‘wake up’ rather than pop what could be ‘fantasy pills’ because sleep is better than having to ‘think’!

Living in a capitalistic society where everyone is working to support their lifestyle, many allow themselves to be consumed by the search for more answers to their desires than need be. Corporations, in particular are always trying for more earnings each year, sometimes unchecked by outside sources for the best interest of the consumer. One such industry is ‘pharmaceutical companies’ often poorly self regulated or poorly regulated by the government resulting in a steady marketing of meds for everything. Human individual neglect of healthy living over the years coupled with an addictive personality that seeks what they perceive as a quick solution to any, and all ailments leads to dependency and misuse of all kinds of meds instead of living a life using meditation and harmonious living. The best replacement for drugs is self love and awareness.

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