40 Ways to Avoid Love

40 Ways to Avoid Love
 March 4, 2014
•Keep being who you think you are
•Setting ‘the bar of love’ lower than necessary for maximum expression of love
•Still be attached to childhood negative issues
•Avoid knowing who you really are
•Not loving yourself as much as is possible
•Attaching to someone who doesn’t love themselves
•Fear of moving on when love isn’t working
•Short on empathy and compassion
•Assuming love has many ups and downs
•Sleep problems – mostly not enough, too light, or too light
•False illusion of what love is
•Being a workaholic
•Main focus being sex
•Fear of intimacy
•Inadequate communication of personal things
•Thinking and talking too much
•Bad habits
•Poor self image
•Being a cheater
•Selection of mate(s) who also contains some of the above
•Low interest in open, personal conversation
•Poor care of your physical self
•Substance abuse
•Time consuming obsession with anything (i.e., sports watching)
•Control issues
•On too many meds and/or hypochondriac
•Inability to come from the heart
•Lying and dishonesty
•Bed wetter
•Not vulnerable
•Be abusive in any way
•Attachment to a religion belief system
•Not making the growth of love the #1 priority
•Endlessly repeating what doesn’t work
•Not accepting that it is you who stifles love
•The list goes on and on. WTF!

Few stop, and focus on correcting barriers to a deeper love. Nothing is more important than having the deepest energies of love. Correction of the above with awareness and discernment will open the heart more.

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