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 February 23, 2014
What difference does it make how bad your childhood was, don’t spew it on others! Take responsibility, get over it, and find the key to loving yourself! That —— I care about! Spreading ‘childhood trauma shrapnel’ on others is simply ‘selfish’, and not very ‘grown-up’!  Being a ‘grownup’ means to reach for the heights of your inner consciousness while letting go of that attachment to ‘what went wrong’ as a child. You can’t really love in a healthy way if you’re not a grownup who has opened your heart, mended it, cleared the mind of the past, and find yourself in balance of the two.

Childhood shrapnel may be worn for everyone to see, but much of it is cloaked so that only those who come close or are intimate like a love partner are in harm’s way. It’s a form of narcissism. Time to let go and put the junk that hurts you and others endlessly into a ‘hospice’ where it can end it’s reign over your life. It may not be easy to let go, but until you do, love takes a backseat and appears only in a ‘broken way’ mixed with fears and angers that never stop until you make a choice to be a new being with an open heart and mind that is free to communicate in giving and receiving.

As I grow older, and hopefully wiser, the view on all aspects of life and love become clearer. That’s not a guarantee for those who take with them a being filled with negativities that resist and continue to cause misinterpretations everywhere they look and involve themselves in. In a way, the ‘now’ is chased by the karma of the past that wasn’t unattached from, and becomes who you think you are. ‘Who am I deep down’ is a mantra to ask yourself over and over for that inner you is no less than the highest that ever lived. You can choose a life of intermittent suffering,  fears, and loneliness, or make life a journey into your inner riches that await your unwrapping and letting go of yesterdays traumas and negativities.

Most people meet only their negative projections from whom they have accumulated others negative opinions and attached to what make up who they think they are. As time goes on I see more and more people who have reached their so called ‘golden years’ with very little gold within that isn’t tainted with pain, regrets, misinterpretations that vie for attention with the good memories, but taint them. The sooner your life is ‘free’ of the constraints of yesteryear as well as harboring fears of the future, the inner lights come on of bliss and joy.

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