Talking to a Dog or a Christian


Talking to a Dog or a Christian

February 10, 2014
They both look at you with their head to the side. People love dogs – they are smart, even though there is a point at which you can’t reach them. Don’t matter whether you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or Dog there is a point at which no amount of intelligence will evoke a common sense response. Of course, those of a religion that are mostly in name only usually can think for themselves and question. However, the ‘hard core’ – yi-yi! It’s like trying to get your computer working when their is no connection with the server. No matter what you do, or how much common sense to get it to work, it’s useless!

You gotta love these ‘critters’ regardless, and stick with real small talk about food or the weather or maybe going for a ‘walk’. Now dogs tend to respond to the ‘word food or walk’ as will the religion robots. Always love dogs inspite of their habits such as ‘sniffing the ground’ or barking for no sensible reason. Religion sheeple are the same in a way, only they take on the characteristic of parrots too always quoting, never thinking! At least there is some variety between human, dog, parrot, and alas ‘robot’.

Reasons to love them are there, and it’s good to have the compassion for the fact that they run to their ‘Savior’ or holy book from previous trauma that resulted in someone of ‘faith’, chicken hawking them. ‘Chicken hawking’ is a term used when an older adult sees another much younger (usually male)male approaching adulthood, and usurping his sexuality thirst into his own biological hunger. Some of the innocent ones may never have gone gay, but ‘so it be’. So in the case of some becoming a religion, a ‘religion salesman’ comes in to offer an answer to life to the innocent victim.

There was a mystic in the early mid 20th century from Russia named George Gurdjieff who coined the term ‘kundabuffer’. Not only does it apply to people really into religion plus dogs, and people who can’t get into ‘free thinking’, like most couples allegedly in some form of love. Kundabuffer is an invisible predisposition of protecting yourself from the discomfort of having to deal with things that would be disturbing to your familiar and cozy habits of being. All but a few couples frequently lose whatever sense of love and bliss they once crooned over. In that state of ‘kundabuffer’, it’s like talking to a dog if good ideas are presented to the typical struggling couple on how to rise above their quicksand of maladies. They become stuck in looping habits detrimental to a permanent imprinting of real love for each other. Life with out the freedoms of open, melodious, consistent communication in the balance of heart and mind is to live partially. No position in life is better than to live alone in knowing yourself other than to have that, and be in union with another in that godliness of bliss and joy.

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