Re-Invent Yourself!

Re-Invent Yourself!
February 9, 2014
Baking cookies or watching football anymore should not be a major part of your life! What are you contributing for the rest of your life to make the world a better place?

Time to stop ‘inventing lies’, excuses, and relying on the ‘you’ that is the accumulation of other’s inventions. Time to take responsibility for updating, and reinventing who you’ve settled on becoming! Truth is, ‘find out who you really are’ apart from who has consistently shown up! Omissions can be a lie! You are living an ‘omission’ of your true self, AND the lie that you are currently being your true self. Stop fooling yourself and everyone you encounter. This is the moment since the beginning of human life that is a ‘wake up time’ for all the world. If you don’t, you’re part of a problem that will add to the malaise of billions that are just sluffing along.

For the first time in life on the planet, everyone needs to snap out of the dream in their head regardless of your ‘body age’. You are NOT who you think you are! Your personality is one thing, but it’s still a cover up! Time to be ‘reborn’ into the conscious human that is deep within as a seed of ‘godliness’! Humanity is being the same as they were in the neanderthal ages with minor outer adjustments for the high tech world we live in.

Inventions, specifically technological inventions WON’T STOP happening! At the incredible pace they are happening, soon robots will seem more human than you, in fact you may be a ‘robot’ that is malfunctioning! Guns that in seconds will dissolve you, are well into the invention state! Man is, at the moment, too undeveloped to control the overwhelming influx of inventions. His mind is seeing them from a greedy, ignorant perspective to let them proliferate without adequate controls. Chaos comes before a reorganization often. We are in the chaos, and need to wake up by discarding old, questionable programming for seeing that we individually need to open our hearts, and not just the mind of the intellect in its various levels. ‘Intelligence’ means opening the heart, living in awareness, being adaptable to circumstances, using common sense, and using discernment to choose the highest, loving choices.

Our institutions need ‘reinvention’ from all social ones including politics and religions. Political parties have reached the point of ugliness by selling out for getting votes for money, power and manipulation. It’s time to put the brakes on mindless growth of new or reinventions that have no controls in the interest of protecting mankind. The moment is here for us to plant the seeds for now and future generations of a new man and woman that live in the highest realms of human possibilities. We need to break away from past accumulated habits that will not best serve a world of exploding technology and information. Now is the time to break away from the matrix that you’ve succumbed to. Seek the inner quiet within and in that silence, the real you of inner tranquility, peace, bliss, and joy blossoms. There is freedom within that needs to be used to help make it a greater, healthier freedom in the ‘with-out’!

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