Men Must Submit

Men Must Submit

 February 6, 2014
All love between a man and a woman suffers from ego and fears. Love between two people is rarely not conditional …at best! Conditional love is ‘fast food love’ that is merely a ‘knockoff’ of words learned, mixed with little portions of emotion that bounce between happiness, disregard, fears, angers, flipping back to bits of moments of happiness. Men have unconsciously taken on the characteristics of a manipulator, dominator, and controller of women’s lives as if they were entitled.

Man has written all the so called ‘holy books’ with himself primarily in mind. Even this ‘god’ in the Abrahamic religions is referred to as the ‘Father in the Sky’! Man’s main function now is to give his sperm for proliferation of the human specie.  However, women can survive without 98% of males who are just replicas of a slight improvement over their neanderthal predecessors. Today, even sperm banks are very available, and capable of resulting in billions of offspring.

I have one friend from my Yesss Center in Venice Beach who was the centerfold of a male playmate magazine, and was invited many times to give sperm to a ‘sperm bank’ in LA. Several years ago he was written up in the New York Times. He has met many of his offspring, but may have over 100 that he has not met. If a woman wants ‘maximum love’, and be responsible for giving it in return, she still at this time of transition of males from neanderthal mindsets to the new conscious man has a better chance of finding love with children, or the company of other women.

Sad thing is, most all women will unknowingly fall into the ‘love trap’ that at first appears wonderful, but in a relatively short time falls to where the male was before the connection.  Love can be breath taking, and happens when two people first come together, and the energy of love is high. As time goes on, the male typically slips into taking love for granted as he takes on the ‘old male role’ of finding other things more important than who he professed love to be. The female continues in going deeper in love, until it turns to frustration with lack of equivalent male reciprocity. It needs to always be realized, that the lower in giving love ALWAYS controls the relationship.

When you allow the wrong person in your bed, stuff will be missing like joy, peace, love, hope, compassion, mutual communication, freedoms, deep love  …  Yes, people steal these things! To be totally vulnerable with your heart is best done with another who also will demonstrate the same all the time. Anything less is sadly merely a business deal. Someone said that without marriage there would be no misery. I would like to add, without conscious couples the world will never evolve!

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