Goddess is God

Goddess is God
February 4, 2014

Freedom from the slavery of all religions that have taken over the commandments of all minds is to be in tune with Godliness! No one can define what the word ‘God’, in whatever language, succinctly is. One thing for sure, no ‘middle holy man’, current or from the time of Osiris, Jesus, Muhammed, Joseph Smith of the Mormons, on and on are nothing but a smokescreens put up by men who needed a job starting at a young age. The ‘middle men’ between an undefined, agreed upon concept of god, and a ‘savior’, coupled with scriptures that confuse any person of integrity, means there are at least 3 smokescreens between you and the undefined, un-agreed upon perception of god.

The ‘savior’ for these spokesmen, for the ‘ultimate controlling’, is to convince you to believe, have faith, and although they all deny it, don’t question the scriptures, oh and also eternal damnation awaits those who don’t. The religion controllers though, spend four years in bible college programming these ‘screens’ on how to spin the crusty words into something that you can, hopefully, sort of understand. You’ve given up your freedom to think, and go direct to ‘whatever is the controller of life’ be it a Goddess in everything, or a God called ‘Daddy or father in the sky’!

We’ve had enough male domination throughout the millenniums of life, it’s now time for a ‘Goddess’ presence to sooth the wounds of all past life of endless abuse. The rise of the Goddess of ultimate sensitivity and love is NOW! Feminine energy needs to become dominate over the endless male energy which has been by far the primary cause of wars, violence, and all forms of domination.

It’s time for all people to ‘obey’ themselves in high consciousness, and not any dominate male inspired God, or just by themselves. When you give your freedoms away by letting yourself be under the commandments of anyone dead, alive, love or hated, you are a slave. Your spirit or soul is the culmination of millions of years of existence and is enough to guide you to the best life decisions. Trust yourself, and if not you are vulnerable to being led by others including ancient holy dictums. Then you are a slave to ‘outside’ direction. Go direct! No filter middlemen needed!

The heart way is the way of the female energy rather than the male bulling, dominating energy which is too immature to keep pace with exploding technology that far exceeds present collective consciousness. Humanity, to be saved, needs a balance of male and female energy where the heart with it’s sensitivity and compassion will result in more humane decisions of love and life. Drop the mind – tune in – turn on!

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