Free Thinkers Suck

Free Thinkers Suck
January 26, 2014
You are the rebel who doesn’t follow the herd, and accept whatever the government or media tell you without questioning. You the ‘free thinker’ for yourself, and form your own opinions based on credible, objective evidence and logical thinking. Your life is focused on finding the truth beyond what anyone has said, or beliefs cast to the masses. You are humanities rebel able to think freely. Why can’t everyone cast out the ‘log in their eye’ to see the ‘poison’ to the truth? Why can’t everyone break down the mental and emotional barriers to the road in which you don’t perceive as the ‘road to hell’.

You spend countless hours researching answers that are ‘hell’s road’ to being stuck in a world that is moving faster and faster beyond the donkey and bullock cart. Is it just ‘mental masturbation’ that stays within you, and few others if any? Staying in the ‘football locker room’ studying all the plays but never going on the field to show others what you have learned is a path that serves no one, not even yourself in this time of great need of positive, conscious action to open the minds and hearts of everyone!

It is a ‘team effort’ that begins with a lone voice in the wilderness, but one that needs to interconnect itself with others who are open, or who are vulnerable to being open. You may have heated debates with friends and relatives that even demolish their more closed opinions, but isn’t that like talking to the trees? WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE IN THE WORLD? Free thinking needs to inject itself into the world that will receive it to give it the juice needed for more action. Surfing on the computer and over the water coolers of offices is like the sound of one hand clapping, or a tree falling in the forest. Silence is golden, but not always!

To talk, and not walk your talk is to lubricate useless chatter! Nothing happens when nothing happens! Better to talk and think less, and do more of action for your thoughts that make it a better world for yourself and others. First, always focus on you, and who you are. The mind is a ‘trip’, and a purveyor of fantasy thoughts that are just smoke in the wind unless put to the best of uses. Love yourself before loving others. Thoughts unmanifested are just clouds passing in the sky. Love yourself first, and give thoughts manifested from the heart with no expectation of results.  ‘Free thinkers’ of a better reality, are only high on thoughts at best. Time to become real, and make reality better through action!

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