Men in Pampers

Men in Pampers
January 30, 2014
If you’re a woman at this time in life, you’ve come into a world in transition. A world from living in the woods, mountains, or deserts where males ruled, maimed, raped, and killed while abusing women into a lower form of humanity. Now is a world of unbelievable technology, and a male dominated world … still. It’s a world of every temptation and distraction that can be imagined. Only a small percentage see it as a world that also is an opportunity to grow in consciousness, and a manifestation of love much higher than in past millenniums.

The opportunities of the moment and future are beyond what could be imagined a few short years ago in every regard imaginable. Still humans are clinging to ancient beliefs and patterns that enable people, both male and female, to slip into roles of their ancestors that lived among discord and wars generation after generation. As the lights of the world are turning on, particularly since the turn into the 21st century, all the hidden fears, angers, and inhumane things are being continuously exposed, and mostly without people seeing that that is what is happening.

Countries are having partial wake ups, but it seems they are coupled with lots of terror and violence. One thing they have in common is they are always males seeking power, and once again abusing women as well as children. Once something new is invented, especially something used for war, it seems that we don’t yet have the discernment to not use them. Hundred of millions of humanity are exposed to a hell in the name of some male power for whatever reasons.

The closed closets are opening individually, in families, communities, and nations. I have personally asked women about what they think is the percentage of all adult women in their lives who have been attacked, molested, and/or raped. The average response was 60% to 80%, and that’s just in this allegedly ‘civilized’ country! No longer is man needed to be part wild animal and human being (not that he ever was), but he must be the leader of harmony and love especially with females and children.

Conscious males are severely needed to support the healing and rise of females to occupy an equal position to men of the world. Females are not without many negatives, but consider that much of their negative behavior is from thousands of years of male abuse. Collectively males have played the role of the ‘devil’. No woman today can find deep love in a coupling without the harmonious, sensitive behavior of a male. Cheap love from a male that ricochets between partial love, insensitivities, anger, lack of compassion, etc., can only hold women to be a prisoner of love where love is at the low spectrum of love’s possibilities. Awareness of self from the heart, and a dedication to sharing it in ‘inner ways’ is necessary for a ‘new world order’ of divine love for all. Time for men to grow up, stop crying, hating, abusing, and be a reflection of the highest of a woman’s love.

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