Addicted Minds

Addicted Minds

February 1, 2014
The mind is a marvelous ‘friend’ with infinite capacity unlike any other living animal. At the same time, the mind is the greatest enemy. Some of the things we think of as addictions are really lazy habits that the mind has become friends with, and at the same time having some form of fears to cling to. An addicted mind is one that is ‘frozen’ on a behavior that usually has roots within childhood misfortunes that have not been worked out. Addictions of a negative kind shape a persons life in ways that may be silent, even unconscious, but nevertheless becoming part of who others experience you as.

The ‘mind’ can be an enemy that doesn’t let go of your being a prisoner of many perceptions that upon using common sense and logical observation are not of the higher options available. It could be ‘beliefs’ that cloak fears and insecurities, or the common habit of smoking which is rarely not just a ‘smoke screen’ for the coverup of issues unresolved that feel better when ‘smoked out’ for momentary relief. A ‘habit’ can be  changed with a mental resolve, although not always easily. An addiction goes deeper and has become part of who you think you are. Now I have to admit that I know a well educated, middle aged fella who can’t stop talking even when you tell him over and over. Is it habit or addiction? I’m leaning toward addiction and lack of meditation!

The inner you is the ‘perfect you’ while the ‘inner you’ acknowledged by the average person is the common false perception (often called the personality) of the outer shell of the real inner, and is the ‘you’ that you can be addicted to. Meditation clears the smoke that hides who you are not. In the beginning, meditation releases the ‘toxins’ or habits of the mind, leading the casual meditator to think meditation is useless when, in fact it is slowly and quietly dissolving attachments. Clearing is a process that when not gone deep with is capable of convincing the polluted mind that it’s useless when in fact it’s really part of the healthy process.

The healthy mind needs to be fluid, always open to new information while seeking ways of higher consciousness at all times. Question yourself as to whether you are ‘stuck’ in ways that annoy other people of common sense and awareness. You are a spirit occupying an encasing called a human body. Why get addicted to the outer and avoid the very inner pure spirit?

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