Runnin’ on Fumes

Runnin’ on Fumes
 January 6, 2014
Don’t count on anything! Stay in the moment, here and now!  However, don’t be too serious on not counting on anything, do it with lightness of being, counting on what is likely to be but, being in the space of, ‘you never know ‘til you know’! Beliefs are fumes until you ‘know’. Having ‘faith’ can be wonderful, but it’s still fumes! ‘Trusting’ may be something to trust for its outcome, but it still is running on fumes. Walking on the side of a road, you ‘trust’ that you will not be hit by a vehicle, but as benign as the fumes are, you’re still ‘running on fumes’!

‘Waking up’ is a spiritual phrase that means you see the illusion covered by the veils of what you’ve allowed yourself to accept as truth. Illusion packaged properly, and supported by those with ‘agendas’ as politicians and religion salesmen, or anyone with something to hide, ‘sells’ to those who choose not to question. On a personal level, couples play ‘hide and don’t seek about what’s hidden’ with from each other, even if it’s just not communicating everything that the other should know. Tip toeing through the unexposed, unresolved issues of the past is to ‘slither through the fumes’ of a partially closed mind and heart.

Where there is thunder, there is lightening, or where something leaves doubt or doesn’t feel right, there is ‘truth waiting or needing to come out’. Behind every ‘fissure’, fog or smoke are fumes that hide what’s really there. Where there are fumes is where they either need to be unveiled or exposed for the positive benefit of whomever they have ‘snookered’, be it you or humanity. We live in the ‘wakeup’ time of all on earth, and it has to start with you waking up to who you really are.

Each of us is blessed with such a small, precious life that it’s very stupid to waste it in the many forms of fear from anger, hatreds, jealousies, ignorance, and just a sense of being closed to life’s possibilities that are more available now than ever before. Instead it’s showing a gratitude toward life to use your energy in love, in creative acts, friendship, celebration of life, meditation, etc. Going higher, there are more energy sources that you will access until at the highest point of consciousness, you become ‘godlike’ or filled with godliness.

Wake-up now and see behind the illusions, life is much more rewarding and exhilarating.

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