Communication is Love

Communication is Love

 January 11, 2014
We have a failure to communicate problem! I had a French girl friend in New York who was very spiritually in tune with herself, but since my French was limited as was her English, the communication was wonderful anyway all the time. It’s not always a verbal use of words in intimate connections, but a giver and receiver in tune with their love within that creates a wonderful harmony. Few are not poor communicators, even those who are great social communicators! Outer, social, communicating with others that appears great has little to do with ‘one on one’ deep communication.

Personal communication is an art that may come naturally, or can be cultivated. Talk isn’t necessarily communication, nor is silence. Both are a failure to communicate unless the intended receiver is feeling the communication positively. Real communication flows both ways from speaker to receiver, and back again to the giver with total ‘communing’. Real communication is sensitive to the other getting a chance to have equal time and consideration for being understood.

I often ask individuals of a coupling, ‘who is more open with all communication, verbally, emotionally, lovingly, spiritually, you or your partner’? More often the female will complain that their mate is not as open, thus stifling the intimacy they imagine, and deserve. That is and of itself, usually indicative of ‘problems’ of enlightening the communication to a state of rising unconditional love. It’s not unlike food selection for best nutrition, in by passing discernment of the highest quality of foods, it becomes part of the epidemic of overweight, and or less than healthy people. Settling for far less than the highest quality has negative, lingering effects, and is a form of a failure to communicate with your self love.

Anytime one is not communicating as much as the other desires, or is blocking the flow, causes love to suffer, and never improving unless both are in tandem for open and loving communication. At this time in collective human evolvement, rarely can a woman lead the path of full communication. Part of the problem is in the millenniums of abusive male programming verbally, emotionally and physically, particularly in making the female experience herself as inferior to the male. Partly because of that, it’s necessary for the male to give every form of communication totally to a female who is open consciously to merge with that. In any case, two have to be as one in merging to the highest peaks of love, and consistently. We are no longer here on earth to just survive, or as is now popular, to needlessly accumulate the things that add nothing to this wonderful, unique time in history, but to look inward, and find the deep love within. Be the ‘new man, new woman, and new couple’!

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