OMG! Me? A New ME?!

OMG! Me? A New ME?!
January 1, 2013
Seems the more ‘wherever I go’, the less I know? Shakespeare said, ‘’to be or not to be’’. Is not to be the only way to be? Be like the fresh moving stream, always new and fresh, only moving ahead into the unknown with eyes clear and open. The death of the old and the birth of the new may seem a place to fear but with an open heart and a bit of curious patience for adjustment, life will provide more and more opportunities. The paradox, by choosing not to be, you have unknowingly chosen the path to be! Begin looking and accepting the new inspite of its impersonal feeling at first, and soon it will become like a home.

Humanity ‘hijacks’ its opportunities to move to a new, higher state of being by clinging to a safety illusion of familiarity that is but a memory. The ‘real you’ treasures the pasts heartfelt memories while using those memories to catapult to the next higher mysterious peak. ‘Wherever you go, there you are’, however it’s the ‘spiritual thing to do’ to merge into the best new you that is available, and not be the same ole same ole to death do thee part!

Among the thousands that I meet yearly who come forth, a very small percentage are astonished at the majority who appear asleep and consumed by survival and fulfilling their dreams of material gain. This is while ignoring their inner self, and that of the creeping, fast changing world, and its wolves of greed who use technology to negatively incarcerate the minds of the masses who are not paying attention.

Someone just interrupted me, and said to mention ‘commitment’ and how most seem to fear it especially to a total intimacy and communication with another. She also added the irony that her boyfriend has a 30 year mortgage, a 5 year lease on his car, and a life time membership at the gym, and yet he’s afraid of commitment! Time to turn over a new leaf!!!

When the mind is quiet, its whole angle of vision changes. From pouncing on the problem, you begin to perceive the solution, the good things in life. Be the one who has a clear heart. You will be the one who always tries to be what’s best for who you come into contact with. Bringing happiness for yourself and for others through the actions you perform. Listen to your heartbeat, keep your mind and eyes open while making the best decisions of those available!

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