Faith is a Boogieman

Faith is a Boogieman
January 3, 2013
It starts as a child fearing someone lurking in the closet, under the bed, or somewhere in the shadows. Of course, there is no boogieman! The ‘boogieman’ is a trigger word to create fear and the openness for protection, or even ‘salvation’. Is it necessary to have ‘faith’ in what is certain? The sun coming up everyday needs no faith, but you could have faith in it coming from being in behind the clouds. Faith is a double edged sword. It’s a question of probability of something being real from in the imagination, particularly from another’s imagination, or something you hope to see and know as reality.

Ironically, real in the imagination may not be real upon close examination, but as a ‘faith person’ would say, ‘who needs proof when you have FAITH! I know. I know, it doesn’t make sense but most of the current world is told to ‘have faith’, and they become ‘hooked on faith’ of a guy in the sky, not a woman, but a guy in the sky who is watching every move you make. Kind of a spooky ‘boogieman’ in the sky. Ooga-ooga hooked on ‘boogie in the sky’! But, we have to wake up, and realize that the boogieman in the sky also is likely to be the boogieman in the heart!

Religions salesmen tell the ‘sheeple’ not to question, but to have ‘faith’ and believe for not to do so will result in going to the land of all boogiemen called ‘Hell’. Is some faith merely a placebo? Imagination is powerful. If ‘faith’ gets rooted in your being you will be saved by another ‘boogieman’ who scientists of religion have never found evidence of except in the ‘boogieman books’ called the Bible or Quran, etc. Whatever one fears, it becomes the ‘boogieman’. Fear love and intimacy on a deep level, and they become ‘boogies to fear’.

At some point in a lot of things that one goes deep into to find verifiable ‘truth’, the outcome makes one a ‘finder’, and the ‘boogieman’ disappears! That’s when ‘knowing’ happens and faith or belief of the ‘boogie’ just disappear as you fill your mind and heart with the state of the ‘pearly road of knowing’. Whenever it’s possible to ‘know’, and you do know, why even consider believing or having faith. Knowing eliminates the need for both! As you try meditation or be initially in love, at first the ‘boogie’ may be there, but only until you go as deep as possible. Fear disappears along with the boogieman. To fear what isn’t is to avoid life’s sensibilities that evoke more joy, love, and blessings.

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