Yo Yo Love!

Yo Yo Love!
December 16, 2013
Up and down, up and down, spinning around, oh what fun when it worked! Round and round it goes on then back up in the hand! Life and love for all but the few ‘hidden in the haystack like a needle’ is the way it goes just like a yo yo, and its up and down! Where it lands, nobody knows, but it does go up and down with hope on the up that soon it won’t crash, and where the feel good of the up can’t be found no matter what you beg, borrow, steal, or smell down wind. Round and round life and splinters of love among the clouds give hope, and life goes on not realizing that life and love need not be like an up and down with smiles and frowns.

Truth is, most accept that is what life is about! No – that’s what you’ve chosen your life and love, or lack of it, to be and will continue to be year in and year out up and down, and more of the same. All because you have created the rut that serves your fears of doing anything about it. Sticking to that ‘rut’ until you are rowing against the tidal waves of joy into all the negatives including depression, hopelessness, and finally acceptance of that prison.

It’s called ‘misery’ with carrots of light and hope here and there to convince you that it’s
what it is! Why march in lock step to your future grave when you can fly there with miles and miles or years and years of fulfilling blessings for yourself, and for others? Can you see what is causing your dilemma, and your secret unhappiness that lingers into the nights, then following you in and out every day?

Why do you partner with it, as well as another and another who is in the same conundrum hopelessly? You are blinded to see that you think you do best when if fact you have been in the presence of ones with the same ‘stuckness’ in life and love as you are. Can you even love another, smiling most everyday with never a down like a few loving souls who you never manage to see do, and bond endlessly with love and joy?

Life can be all love everyday and moment, through its challenges if you are open to follow the ‘path of love’ to the top where answers are in abundance for the open minded and hearted. Why be stuck playing with your heart and mind in the losing game of a part of the mass dilemma of most everyone who you encounter?

You may have to clear the cobwebs of your mind, and wounds of the heart! Jumping into a love that goes ‘up and down’ is not the way! Try pulling the weeds of the mind and heart out by focusing on sitting quietly every day, closing your eyes, and watching the breath – in and out. Jumbled thoughts come with it, but watch them, and in time they will lose their attachment to your life and love as you rise to meet a love that has answers to more, and more life, and love’s blessings!

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