Our Mother in Heaven

Our Mother in Heaven …
December 4, 2013
‘‘Illusion must first be destroyed in order to build a firm foundation for truth’’. ‘Our Father who art in Heaven…’ continues to be an accepted part of prayer by the triumvirate Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam with both significant numbers of illiterate adherents and scholars alike walking in agreeableness, non questioning step in believing what they are told by ancient man of over 2,000 years ago. ‘ That man’ was clearly a misogynistic, power driven, ‘all not knowing’ spokesman for an age where 99% of people were illiterate, and fear driven to find a purpose in living as well as ‘after’.

The ‘unexplained’ in life was made ‘explained’ as if these ancient men knew more than their offspring 2000 years later who if unattached to any religion, don’t proselytize absolute knowing as those far away forefathers allegedly did. In fact, even today, women especially don’t come forth with an altered, agreed upon belief of our human essence except by programming from this ancient male dictums of religion which leave them under the spell of the ‘father in the sky’.

To make matters worse, those who listen, and are Christian, are told that ‘our Father in Heaven’ even sent his only begotten son’ down to Earth to ‘Save’ everybody who will accept his ‘Father’, to eternal Heaven somewhere for eternal life. No guarantee that you will find your pets there though! Humans are told to not question Gods light but to have faith in Him.

Essentially reinterpreted, that of course is somewhat correct, but today not needing the exclusion of over 90% of non believers of the world past, present, and future, the ‘story’ needs to be questioned for it ‘allegorical’ meanings. The ‘son of God’ (and not that anyone has defined precisely what the word ‘God’ means) is really the ‘Sun of God’ that impregnates Mother earth with it’s light and nourishment so that each day we are all ‘saved’ to exist moment to moment, or for another day. No one is certain beyond a shadow of doubt what happens after that, but for the more aware and sensitive who open their minds and hearts, those passed in spirit are frequently sending varying messages to mutual loved ones, and likely beyond that.

Perhaps instead of being saved by some unknown ‘father in the sky’, you ought to know and love yourself deeply in balance and harmony with all of life, and be ‘Saved from dictums of ancient man’. ‘Our Love in Heaven’, or better said, ‘Our love is Heaven’ while our fears and hatred are the equivalent of Hell, or a place within of great dissonance. The ‘eye in the sky’ is none other than that which gives us night and day with the seasons to encourage our changing for renewal. The ‘eye in you’ is a heart filled with love, and a questioning mind free of illusions to ‘just be’, and celebrate the love that is always there for each and everyone. This I know, for the heart and mind tells me so!

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