Drone People

Drone People
Nov. 28, 2013
Be more than just a ‘nice person’!
Humans are essentially at this time, ‘reborn left overs’ from eons ago that have almost been around too long to do anything about their petrified condition regardless of the new bodies. Whether a ‘pilotless aircraft’, a male bee that is stingless, performs no work, and produces no honey, but only functions as a mater with the Queen bee, or an asleep human … they are all useful. However now, the human is amazingly equipped to be at their own making of individual, and collective destiny. So why are you being a human drone?

Instead, the spiraling population gain is allowing people to be mind controlled, turning the population into ‘obedient robots, or drones’ who’ll do what they are told to do without questioning anything beyond mumbling to one or two others. The fault does not mostly lie in those who govern, especially in more developed countries, but in the apathy of the citizenry, and choices to be uninformed, or to seek time for entertainments, be it TV, computer, movies, sporting events, or doing nothing, etc.

Spend at least an hour per day informing yourself on what’s happening in the world, with the environment, food, medicine, ancient belief systems, and any opportunities that would interest you in giving back to the world, etc. Explore meditation that will wake you up more, improve your health, open your heart, activate your creative buttons, and on and on. Do the work that gives you joy, and if possible that which you would do for half the pay or less. Live frugally enjoying things that cost little. The world is now more connected than it ever was. We are ‘interdependent’ among ourselves where a sense of ‘teamwork’ can accomplish much to elevate consciousness of the people.

Why look at life as a ‘rental’ where responsibility to give and care for life is substituted with apathy, neglect, selfishness, and general negativities. You own you, and all the positive possibilities that are at hand far more than they were for the billions who came before you. Make life a heart giving to others, for it will come back to you in some worthwhile form. Pay more attention to every aspect of life you encounter. Live your life where you can tell others to always assume the best about all your actions, and of course, don’t disappoint them! Make life an opportunity to experience freedom within for that’s where it all starts to make the outside more joyful! Why be a drudge loafer when you can take the opportunity to turn on, tune in and be the new superconscious being?

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