Change Yourself for Love

Change Yourself for Love

November 27, 2013
Everyone needs to be open to ‘change’, especially those in love! ‘Don’t try to change someone’ is easy advise with a little bit of merit, but … why not!

Finding yourself in a new love with another is bliss. The one you see is the one who really is! Sadly, the ‘shadow self’ lurks in the memory of habit that usually surfaces to squelch the ‘mood’ as time in the light of love opens new, not before seen, ‘issues’. Rare is the one who shines most of the time through who they have become because of misfortunes of years past. An openness for change is a requirement to open the original self.

Who you began to love is still there, as is the self love within you too! Why not be ‘stuck’ in the real you who only needs to change in an open, positive manner with what comes your way? You are ‘perfect’, or near perfect if that phrase is more digestible, but what shows up is your refusal to see and be that! The adversary is you who thinks you are who others, and yourself, see. Truth is, humanity has been stuck forever in seeing love and life though the mirror of their ‘false self’. Time to climb out of the illusion!

Couples setting the ‘spark of love’ afire, need to individually see who they really are, and be willing to ‘change’ on their own accord instead of being stuck on who they are attached to being, which is from negative input. Life ‘changes’ when love strikes. Why not agree to keep that love going as the commitment to each other under all circumstances whether together or not. Let love be the inspiration to be as godly as possible for the other, and yourself. The world needs examples of love shinning for real, and not the coverup with a smile that is the popular way to be.

Love as it’s popularly known, is a ‘Wall St. investment gamble’ that can be as crazy as expecting a miracle in Las Vegas slot machines! The ‘gamble’ diminishes as you and the other bond in heart/mind agreement to always be evolving and compassionate for the others slow climb if necessary. You must change! That change needs to be part of your gratefulness in experiencing the gift of love! Each is ‘lower’ than their ‘real self’ with the innate potential to let love’s awareness propel you to heights of light unto yourself, and for others to see the possibilities. Stop! Restart right now, and climb the steps to the heaven within!

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