Survey – Fat Markets

Survey – Fat Markets

November 15, 2013
America now has 2 for 1 people! Looking for a date? A significant percentage of Americans are at least twice the weight of yesterdays ‘Twiggy’s, so you get a lot more for your desired romance! Had a woman approach me the other day for directions. She was 6’5’’ and about 280 lbs! I know one nice fella in town who isn’t even allowed on the bus. Mostly, he’s in his fancy wheel chair, and at a little over 400 lbs! The amazing thing is he’s 75 and still trucking with all that weight!

We are the most enviable country on the planet with more technological innovations, shopping heavens, every sport imaginable, best movies and music, great food choices, etc. It’s the ‘food choices’ that are symbolic of America’s laissez-faire attitude toward simple things like self growth (inner, of course), and a general awareness of how each can make a difference in this crazy world. However, individual pleasure skews the collectives daily choices even though the choices are others ways to make money regardless of quality. Take food, for example.

I live in one of the most noteworthy small town meccas for organic food farms. We have an organic food co-op, 2 large chain supermarkets, and assorted smaller food stores. For the past two weeks I’ve done an ‘on the spot survey’ of the  food co-op and ‘fat markets’ in terms of a subjective scientific assessment of the percentage of people visibly overweight and obese. Here are the results:

•Chain ‘fat’ market …………50% + or – 5%
•Organic market ……………15% + or – 5%

And, like all beliefs not coinciding with the facts (or why would it be a belief – i.e., religion) people ‘believe’ the organic market is more expensive. Not taken into account is the infinite confusing selection of food (with no healthy concern by the chain store) at the market for contributing to fat, less healthiness, AND the addictive ingredients that keep people coming back. Diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure problems, self image problems, on and on. Fact is, consumers can select out of thousands of choices the best, nutritious food, but if they did that, why not go to where the market has already selected the healthy food that likely is not even offered at the ‘chain market’?! People who use discernment in picking non ‘genetically modified, pesticide-chemical free’ food are contributing to a more conscious world.

Junk in food correlates to the junk in the minds and hearts of the majority of people. We are faced with a rapidly changing world where today’s products, inventions, services, etc. are being presented for everyone at an incredibly faster pace than most human minds can assimilate careful discernment with. Common sense and good judgment more and more become shackled to serve ignorance, gluttony, and feeding the ‘dumbing down machines’ that turn people into sheeple, and even zombies! Love is a ‘fine tuning’ of all life for optimal experience! Discernment is the highest form of intelligence! Self gratification without it is poisonous to a balanced, healthy life. Eat the right thoughts, feelings, and food while opening your mind and heart!

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