Aliens, Bigfoot, and Fed Reserve

Aliens, Big Foot, & Fed Reserve
October 14, 2013
The world populace loves to believe in illusions. The US Federal Reserve that prints our money is a private enterprise headed, since it’s inception, only by Jews to print money when it’s needed. The ‘Reserve’ part is only an over run as in all printing operations. I use to have the ‘Fed’ on Wall St. as an account when I sold printing presses after college – however, the presses I sold were often used by counterfeiters for printing money, the Fed used bigger presses for printing of money. The ‘Fed’ exists as a private corporation, but not as most people think of as part of the ‘government’. Purely an illusion!

Smokey the Bear is an illusion to protect forest fires especially in National Parks in the US, at least when the ‘Government’ is not shut down as it is at the moment. In this crazy world, people are filled with illusions that they get unconsciously attached to. Seems it’s a way to avoid finding their real self which is buried under loads of matter in their brains of who they ‘think’ they are.  Makes more sense to seek the ‘real story’ that’s credible, objective, and verifiable!

I’m not even going to address the ‘kooks’ who think ‘aliens’ from another planet run the world, and it’s chaos!

Now, I’ve asked several ‘armchair’ enthusiasts who they think is more likely able to be proven, aliens or Big Foot? Which exists without question? Or, do they both, or is it a belief that they do? A few say they ‘know’ that either or both exists. That means there are clear, unquestionable photos, etc. I have never seen a clear, objective, authenticated proof of either ‘being’ existing inspite of all the millions who are willing to defend their position regardless of the fact that they don’t even know ‘who they themselves are’! Ask one of these ‘alien-Saskatchewan’ enthusiasts who they are, and they all claim to know when they ‘don’t even know what it means’ by saying, do you know who you are!

Being complacent while always looking for answers from people who ‘believe this or that’ is ‘treading water’ and going nowhere. The world is now a spiritual library of information for you to assimilate and rise in consciousness with, instead of chasing aliens, big foot, and religion mumbo jumbo. Of course, a little openness to the ‘unknown’ is good, however the most exciting ‘unknown’ is in you for unveiling!

WHATSOEVER YOU SEE, GROWS IN YOU. That is the secret. If you go on seeing the illusions, your very attention towards the illusions creates a mind that avoids seeing inside yourself. Then you go on living on a level where only illusions control you. See the good and truth, and you start becoming good and truth seeking. See the godliness all around, and you start becoming godly and a pillar of love and consciousness.


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