Desert of Communication

  • Desert of Communication
OCTOBER 11, 2013
If you talk more than most you engage in conversation with, you likely are not a communicator. Is there something wrong with you? Likely. Certainly, your conquest of empathy or sensitivity is empty or low on gas. Communication happens when ‘both’ are giving and receiving verbal and expressive communications equally in tune with the others appreciation. When there is little or none of the afore mentioned, the exchange of thoughts and emotions are ‘barren’ where communication is no more than an idea that lacks fulfillment.

Whether on a verbal, emotional, or intuitive level we are interdependent beings, and not islands unto ourselves. It’s impossible to have deep communication with anyone we see, but how we see ourselves is reflected in the passing moments with others. Imagine walking into a room where everyone is loving and non judgmental while flowing mentally, emotionally, and spiritually on the same wave length of receptivity. Imagine it to be like an instant romance. No agendas, no judgments, and open hearts with comfortable communication. The world with that environment would be one that would engender a natural electricity of love where all other possibilities of activity would be met with a sense of joy and excitement.

We create ourselves, and to a large extent the circumstances we are in. Each of us has a place in out heart that wants to be filled with love. I’ve seen people who are great communicating with dogs, business clients, socially, even wonderfully with babies and little children but when it comes to having ONE person in their lives where all thoughts and feelings can be shared unconditionally with bliss, the word ‘rare’ comes to mind. In fact, rare needs to imply almost no one. That kind of love is a ‘spiritual path’ that no well known source from Socrates or any well known ‘pillar’ of religion or spirituality has exhibited from experience other than the gift to express what is not their experience but a wish of their heart.

Do you have your own civil war going on within you? The spiritual path of love is beyond communicating with words, and resonates at it’s highest peaks with two conscious beings who merge into one emotionally and spiritually. The ‘valleys of love and the peaks of love’ transcend all impediments. That space and transcendence from the everyday challenges of the masses is available to the ordinary person who is open and focused on being one with the heart and the mind that empties all. Life now is one special moment that is yours to reach the love that hides in everything, while being hidden in plain site.

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