Technological Love

Technology Kills Love

October 9, 2013
Today, more than ever, ?love quality? seems to be ?negotiable? with alternatives that people can use to improve their experience! But alas, the distraction ?alternatives? are infinite, and increasing, especially with ?gadgets? that require considerable mind involvement to make function to perfection. The ways to ?avoid intimacy? have always been more popular than how to be mindful of the ways to stimulate intimacy. It might come as a shock to many that the beginning of romance is just a taste of what?s ahead to infinitely embellish a love that makes the beginning pale by comparison. However, the ?alternative distractions? are endless and most get lost in the soup of them where love is little more than a word.
The other day I spotted another distraction. Hovering in the sky was a drone which I later discovered had a movie camera attached to it. This one was controlled by a techie junkie. Soon there will be millions of drones the size of humming birds taking movies of everything below. I?ve even heard there will be drones the size of flies taking movies! All the technological marvels are constantly being updated with new capabilities. Between movies, TV, sporting events, gambling casinos, computer use, work, shopping, driving somewhere, seeing friends and relatives – the list is endless, where?s the time for ?love? beyond biological?s wants?
The explosion of new inventions, music, movies, sports, on and on is making the world into robots who are fascinated by the outer, not even being aware that there is an inner world. Humans are ?emotionally and spiritually? seriously retarded behind the smile, and nice words that serves as their main source and expression of love. The time spent with these wonderful distractions leaves little time for the inner which can be far more complicated to learn for better enjoyment and value than those things which survive as long as things go smoothly. The whole world dependent on electricity can be shut down at any moment! The ?electricity? within you, not being wired for intimacy and self love, will be a barren ground where only depression and all life?s negatives will grow like weeds in what should have been a ?garden of love?!
The ?world of the mind? has value, but less so without the emotional and spiritual being in fullness. ?Intelligence or wisdom? arises when there is a balance with the mind. With out the inner, humans are ?dysfunctional?. Life is more than a lost footnote without the silent explosion of the inner evolution into a brilliant light onto yourself and others. Isn?t it time to feather the nest of love? The real quality of life is not how rich you are to enjoy the outer, but how rich you are in the ?inner? to enjoy more
blessings and give back to the world!

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