Open Mindedness

Open Mindedness
October 6, 2013

Blessed are you who feed the flames of awareness and freedom! The ?awake? are the new breed of conscious humans. The awake have extinguished all fears, beliefs, and all impediments to being in the fire of inner love of self, and the transference of that flame to all who are open to it. You are no longer attached to a compilation of who others see you as, or a ?chess piece? of the social order. You are no longer tied to the generations of those who came before you, or the entrapments of family. You are a rebel of love and freedom!
You are the result of what has come before, and in most cases, that needs a lot of clearing up to catapult to the plateaus you feel in your heart and mind. The ?tape? of
what you would like to escape just keeps going round and round in the mind and heart making you a prisoner, but with an open window. Sadly, that window seems too high up to escape out of, and it is ….without a ladder that is
always there somewhere, but for you watching the old tape go round and round sinking you into a ?permanence? that likely will only end with your end.
There is no time left for the ?blocks and stumbles? of
the past, but they were there to teach so that you could see, and learn from them onto a journey above and beyond. See
them as having been helpers for the evolving journey higher. Everyone has a ?perfect self? inside the shell of the outer self that is there to figure out how to start anew with the untainted inner you. Trust that there is that inner perfect you. Then again, it?s beyond trust …as it just is, but ?trust? may be the ladder. First, that ?trust? necessitates an openness. Without being open, nothing will work except the old tape that you want gone. Most choose the comfort of existing with their agonies.
You are a soul occupying a body to learn and grow beyond what the mind and heart has become from childhood. You are the ?Master? of your own self evolvement through life?s gifts and challenges. Your determination to follow the way of the higher is a blessing. The road to flying about the emotional and spiritual roller coaster to the higher plains of love, and it?s blessings is within you. Don?t seek the help of another who is struggling, or even is stuck, for you too will fall into caverns of impossibility. Surround yourself with the climbers, or the rare one who has. The new life and love you will have is the consequence of your openness while paying attention to the climb.

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