Incommunicado Love

Incommunicado Love

September 11, 2013
Picking and choosing what can and cannot be said with someone you are close to is to be a ‘cherry picked’ incommunicado. In situations making communication ‘risky’ for harmony, any stepping ‘over the sensed line of expected positive response’ is to likely meet with varying degrees of negativity including anger or hostility. Communication need a sense of total freedom and trust that it will be received with resonating sensitivity. Like all mediums of technological communication, there must be a ‘giver and a receiver’ in tune with each other.

Real communication goes both ways. The speaker has no limits in what can be said, and the receiver is open to hearing anything without rancor or judgement. Love in depth has no barriers to a freedom of expressing any thoughts. The ‘fire of love’ burns all impediments, melting the essence of two individuals into one. Rarely are couples in a sync that expands the quality of togetherness higher than that of the seeming individual quality. Communication can be the doorway to illimitable heights of consciousness. Communication faltering anytime into a dark guarded abyss by one or the other is an impediment to a relationships growth.

A cold winter’s rain that suddenly transcends into a lovely sunny moment is suggestive of a relationships blocks that won’t ever go away, but only deepen with out fluid communication. The ‘heartland of love’ resides in each individual, but requires the free air to fuel it to a merger that emanates a magical like quality. Opposing thoughts and actions are antipathy to the highest expressions of love, and sour love causing likely heart pains that reverberate in the mind as a hopeless quagmire. Pains from the heart to the mind are the result of a failure to communicate. Even the communication to unblock the separation can be met with the confusion and resistance to communications flow.

Avoiding open communication with no limitations or secrets is as rare as an albino in any species. Marriage tends to even further ‘lock out’ communication, instead fueling ways to avoid the responsibility. Marriage has a ‘legal bond’. In a ‘free relationship’ you have the responsibility to be deeper in the bond as only mutual trust hopefully exists with no net of legal obligation. Strangely, all but the rare marriage becomes a haven for avoidance of ‘stirring the hornets nest’ making it more of a contractual arrangement with spots of love.

In addition to always having communication as a focal point as a good way to lubricate the flow of it is to cultivate a sense of humor that cushions any ‘delicate’ conversations. Laughter is fuel for love communication! The greatest language is love!

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