War & Love

Guillaume Simoneau

August 27, 2013
Love has a lot of elements of war both for many couples as well as in so called ‘love of country’. Man has historically been better at war, hate, anger, and the general negative than he has been proficient in demonstrating love of himself, another, and the collective  consciousness of the world. Human predisposition to war and abuse has no place in a world that in all but consciousness has unprecedentedly, dramatically evolved from the stone age in less than 1% of the time of all history. Yet, the ‘collective’ is so imprinted from the ‘dark ages’ to not see that the lights are on the world.

Men in general have become collectively irrelevant for the rise of love, compassion, common sense, peace, etc. the list of positive virtues goes on and on. There is no easy answer, but the female energy, needs to rise in all aspects of life to ‘mother’ the earth’s healing for a new conscious man and woman. Man continues to amputate the world with weapons of terror blaming the other side has having the weapons of terror. Mother Earth needs a ‘skillful lobotomy’ to correct its direction from its course of annihilation. In a sense, the world has been given a ‘scholarship’ to recreate itself with all the education that has been more than in all previous history combined in just the past 1/2 century.

Where are some of the fruits of our mass education? Greed, avarice, jealousy, hatred, and etc. still are everywhere. 99% of the populace does not use the riches of meditation, and the access to ‘deep love’ for inner growth. Religions have been a stepping stone, but people have refused to take the next step into the journey of higher consciousness that is beyond words, especially ancient mens words that have been recreated and spun to fit the ‘religion salesman’s’ concept of what ‘sells’. Instead, mankind has used religion to dawdle in a box with fear of questioning and seeking outside of it.

We, the individual and collective create the wars when creating an individual and mass higher consciousness is easier than at anytime in Earth’s history. Sleep, eat, work, watch TV, computer games, gossiping, and just ‘window shopping’ through life doesn’t work for a world of more increasing technical advancements than all the time on earth combined. Isn’t it like giving a baby every imaginable invention to play with? Humans are NOT READY for the advancements made in technology, and that will equal self destruction without conscious growth in mass. Love, discernment, compassion, and common sense trump all man has created, and the lack thereof is armageddon. Time to actively make both an individual, and a ‘making a difference in the world’ of consciousness.

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