Boundary-less Love

Boundary-less Love

Boundary-less Love

August 26, 2013
Love is an emancipation of energy from the heart that knows no limits to its giving and receiving! Most love has ‘blinders’ on it to erroneously protect the giver especially for giving and receiving love from one person. We’ve all heard the expression, ‘you only love me’? Of course, it’s a wonderful thing to say and mean, but the reality is if you deeply love one person, you’re love energy is out for all in differing degrees depending on the ‘receiving’ capability of another, as well as your giving ability.

Love of someone is like a ‘tattoo’, forever. Circumstances may change such that the love lies dormant, however if it was really love, it’s always there regardless of each persons changes in life. Love is not possessive, but when it’s part of your being and mind, it’s always there even when being deeply in love with another. Of course, common sense and circumstances access love’s reasonableness to avoid conflict or inappropriateness. In a sense, love is its own reward for prior giving and receiving it. Parental love that is deep, follows a child into a higher love experience than those with no or mixed love.

Love is ALWAYS available even if it wasn’t given as a child to any measurable degree of quality. Then it takes the focus on all matters of life to evoke positive energy. With limited or no focus, one will always be left searching for love through the bramble bushes where only glimpses of love are found mixed with a lot of negative manifestation. I continue to see hundreds and thousands of nice people who don’t take control of themselves in letting go of attachments to the pasts negatives like self hatred or fear of abandonment. The are like moving a stubborn donkey to move in the direction where more love is waiting for their unblocking or unchaining attachments to roadblocks.

Once love flows within through the resonance of anothers giving and receiving with totalness, while the mind and heart fills with love’s energy, you always carry that illumination. Love always is compassionate and sensitive to the partner of resonance. All feelings of love toward others are accepted by oneself and a partner while in a loving, mutual agreeable communication.

Love is like a stone tossed into a lake, a ripple finds its way everywhere. Love reveals the divinness in one or the spirit of highest consciousness. Love must be allowed to grow, no fear and not stagnate, or it becomes not much more than words. Love has no boundaries, and cannot be contained. Let go and flow in love!

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