Beliefs are All Fake

Beliefs are ALL Fake
August 21, 2013
‘Fake it ‘til you make it’ actually works, but with use of a little common sense, and of course luck. That method requires ‘belief’ because it can’t be assured, like all beliefs. That’s why they are called ‘beliefs’! Thousands, over almost 20 years of doing public free speech, have asked me, ‘what do you believe’, or do you believe in god – on and on. I’m not sure most understand that a belief is by definition what amounts to an unknown or unverifiable.

If one is lost in the woods, by-passing fear, one is best to ‘believe they can find the way out’. If you are lost, you don’t ‘know’ the way out! I know that light up in the sky beyond any clouds is a source of life. Call it the ‘Sun of God’ if you like, but no one can know and define clearly what the word ‘god’ stands for. As a matter of convenience, we can come up with general ideas that enter into the realm of ‘belief’.

To admit to not knowing, and owning that a belief is somewhat of a conjecture, is a big step on the spiritual path of intelligence! Salesmen usually sell ‘beliefs’, and those salesmen have many names including ‘lawyer, doctor, politician, priest, and all religion handlers. A so called salesman of religion sells beliefs, and asks you to have faith that those ‘beliefs’ are true. Again, it’s not guaranteed. ‘Trust’ is rarely not just a belief or faith contrary to ‘knowing’. As you walk on the side of a road, it’s normal to have belief in your safety, and to trust that drivers will not hit you, but until each one passes, you don’t know.

Focus on ‘knowing’ and use ‘beliefs’ as stepping stones leading to ‘knowing’. To claim to ‘know’ when it’s only belief is a form of heresy, or self lying. ‘Stuck on belief’ is to make no seeking progress into knowing that which can be known. Of course there are limits to knowing. How everything came about in life still is a mystery, and we can only hypothesize and perhaps know more and more, but overall we need to still ‘believe’.

Belief without the search for what is known or truth is the way of idiots who are mindless sheeple following, but too lazy to evolve spiritually under their own intelligence. It’s time for a detachment from the ugliness of the past into a new world of love and consciousness! Know that it’s individually possible, and perhaps have faith in the belief that collectively we can evolve into a light on earth soon! To ‘know’ is divine, godly, and just good common sense!

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