Impossible to Love Just ‘One’

Impossible to Love Just ‘One’


August 7, 2013
Love has no control that’s why the mind is necessary to protect it’s infinite reaches with awareness and discernment. When you are in love with another, the heart will extend to all with an open heart, but real love is with another who together with you is in a surrender where the birth of a new person will evolve. That person is an ‘us or a we’ where both your hearts and minds act as one, and yet allowing the other the freedom to be their individual self too, and in those moments, the love grows stronger.

Love is a neutral energy that even if directed to, and with one who receives and gives in a synchronicity with you, it lights up to all with an open heart. We are all one, but for the ego and life’s circumstances that create barriers of one degree or another, or in rare cases no barriers but replaced by an innate awareness and common sense. Stuck in a love with someone who reciprocates less, and with no effort to change, is a waste of love for both, particularly for the one open to give and receive it. Love reduces itself to lust and general slovenes if the doors of the heart and mind fall into what could be an endless rut.

Love is like a car with four tires. If all are cared for, and filled appropriately with air, they work fine. However, if one or more tires is exceptionally low on air, a beautiful car will become disabled much as love will if not filling both hearts. A mind filled with all the knowledge in the world for love, or whatever will never work either without an open heart, and the mind as a ‘servant’ and driver of common sense.

Love at it’s peaks is a breakthrough to the soul. Two people unleashing a total love with one another will find a freedom that unchains all reservations or blocks of energy that felt normal before. The steady flow of love happens when all the past’s impediments are  let go of. The only thing to keep it channeled between two people in a healthy way is for both to be in complete synchronicity. Love does find itself being in love with anyone who’s receptive, but when in unconditional love with one, is romantically conditional with all others while in compassioned intunement with the beloved. Love never dies, but like the movement of time, transcends itself into the new moments while in peace with all love of the past.

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