Forgive or Accept?

Forgive or Accept?
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August 8, 2013
Love doesn’t have to forgive anyone, but yourself. Letting go of perceived misfortune, true or not, is divine wisdom at work! There may be circumstances that are best served by forgiving another, but somethings can’t be forgiven because it’s not appropriate. Setting up for a wonderful Summer picnic only to find a deluge of a rainstorm washing it out doesn’t fair well for the one who ‘forgives’ the rain that had no inkling of your wishes that it didn’t show up.

As in the example, forgiving is like one hand clapping in the forest – what’s the point? If someone owes you money that doesn’t come, why create negative judgments over it when you have no substantive idea of why it’s not forthcoming? People hold on to judgments for a life time not realizing that they have become their own worst enemy by lugging around angry feelings?

Forgiving yourself has more value as you are the creator of the reasons to forgive by pointing the finger at someone you have made into a ‘culprit’ especially someone who you once shared wonderful moments with. Does the person you need to forgive aware of them being the object of someone out there who is struggling with ‘to forgive or not’? If they are, they need to drop the uncomfortableness it’s creating within them, and search for opening the heart that will create the right solutions. What happens, happens. It’s an opportunity to look within if what happened has hurt you. Accept ‘the rain on the picnic’ and make the best of it while taking a little time for introspection of why you let that happen to you. There is sunshine behind every cloud so why curse the rain that nourishes life around you?

Holding on to resentment of what happened to you from someone else will never solve the negative effects of the resentment. Shit happens! Be more aware of not being in harm’s way if possible. Living is both in harm’s way and fortune’s way. Some of it is beyond your control. Some of it is a misunderstanding or misperception. You might ask yourself what you need to change inside you to better see from the heart and clear perception.

Why rob yourself of having as many beautiful moments as possible. Accept all with awareness and compassion as you move on looking for better and better answers to life’s teachings! Do you really ever love yourself? Start right now by mindfully opening your heart while letting go of perceptions that stir negativity in the hearts love energy. To have to forgive is mental, the heart doesn’t judge. Responding with love and compassion is the best choice.

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