Aug. 1, 2013

The shield of communication comes with consequences! Whether from government, religion, work, social, and especially a personal level, the ‘blackout’ or withholding of information of what should be freely exposed or communicated is frequently of potential harm. People today are over loaded with information, but that is no excuse for eliminating any important information. It may require courage or creative means to get your ‘foot in the door’ of the mind of who would want to know the information held at bay.

Much of the world’s populace has ‘blinders’ on much like those on a horse that keeps them focused on what’s straight ahead. In reality, we create our own blinders most likely from a mind that is limited by beliefs rather than personal experience. Consequently you have a heart that may feel and love, but with the mind conditioned to not see what is beyond what one is told. Gates hiding the truth are the way to control on a social level down to a personal level. The excuses are rarely anything but a failure to know how to communicate.

Non communication has ‘gates’ of deception that, left unchallenged, become opportunities to take advantages at anothers expense, and likely corrupting the ‘partial communicator’ who becomes delighted in their belief that their ‘communigate’ gives them more freedom. Spinning the truth is to create a blind spot in the recipient. All problems of communication since the beginning, create nothing but false illusions leaving truth in the garbage of lies. Any resistance actualized for non communication that puts anyone in harm’s way, if truth be told, is at least borderline evil. Existence has no lies, only humans who have the ultimate choices on earth, choose lies for fear of the truth of who they are.

Real love is not possible with non disclosure of the truth. The mind that needs to obscure the truth is a troubled mind. A troubled mind needs to reach deep into the heart for a new energy that will clear away the clouds of deception. The mind is mediocre without the energy of the full heart, regardless of any knowledge. The heart knows and needs no knowledge. The mediocre mind can only have a heart with blinders. It’s time for a heart on! The mind with out a full heart is the ‘devil’s playground! Exploiting of others with less than the truth has karma that exploits your own weaknesses. Live and let die all but the divine!

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