Prayer Group 4 Dogs

Prayer Group 4 Dogs
August 3, 2013
Jesus was fond of dogs! The proof of knowing that is in your belief that you must have faith in! In this small town at the foot of the Olympics, a good Christian woman (I’ll call her Mary) is offering a unique service for dogs. Apparently, this service is spreading to many communities. Mary, like thousands of other Christians, believes that your pet will be waiting for you in Heaven, unless they didn’t accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Dogs are smart. Mary’s suggestion is to always keep a picture of Jesus nearby so the dog can see. For dogs it won’t be necessary to know what the scriptures say, but for their owner to be well versed themselves.

Mary’s suggestions for steps to teach your doggie to ‘‘Say Prayers’’:

Begin by asking the dog to sit facing a low bed or chair, and be comfortable for the dog.
Hold a small treat at the edge of the bed, and say ‘’Up’’. Pat edge of bed to show dog where you want it to raise it’s paws.
If doggie tries to jump up on bed, say ‘’uh,uh,uh’’ guiding it back down. Keep doing it. When successful, praise dog, saying, ‘‘good dog’’ and reward with treat.
4. Say, ‘‘stay’’!
Say, “Say your prayers.” To get your dog to bow it’s head, lower the treat to between it’s front paws. Offer praise and reward with treat

In addition, many churches will apparently baptize your dog assuring a place in Heaven. In Islam, dogs are regarded as unclean. Muslims interest in having a dog is very unlikely. Since Muslims pray 5 times a day, it would be wonderful if they began taking an interest in dogs, and have them pray beside them as they kneel onto the surface. Prayer is ‘affirmation of the positive’ and certainly dogs are willing with patience to obey instructions.

I’ve heard it said many times that people have a deep interest in meeting their pets in Heaven. You have to wonder what animals are allowed into heaven, or do some go to Hell as christians claim around 6 billion non christians at the moment will also? Perhaps all the ‘Fidos’ of the world get a free pass to Heaven? Since it is claimed that Jesus had a donkey, wonder what happened to it? It’s good to question and look under every rock for answers. As you evolve into self love, you will be guided more by logic than the ‘hope of belief’ where, by definition, you don’t know for sure.  Ever wonder if you need to empty your mind of other people’s dictums, create and go your own positive way … all by yourself?! It’s ‘wake up time’!


  1. Hi, my doggy Ben has diabetes. I recently discovered what I think is a cataract in one eye. I know there is a good chance of him going blind from this disease. He needs all the prayers he can get. Thank You.

  2. This subject of dogs keeps bringing back an old memory from yesteryears(I need to erase it)…
    My mother had taken me to India via a steam ship, that had boarded from a port in Mombasa, Kenya. I was barely 5 years old at the time.

    Once we were in Porbandar in the state of Gujarat and settled for a few days, I had decided to play with the other kids on the block in the vicinity, for me it was an experience of a kind to have seen so much in such a little time and I was feeling comfortable, both with my new surrounding and generally I had felt that I could let my guard down and had felt that I will be okay.
    A few days go by, I step outside and had decided to take a look around, I had told my aunt that I am just outside, she had warned me about snakes, so I was aware of their presence, but no mention of any other creatures, whilst outside, a few kids were spotted, they were playing with a stick and a wooden pole, some with shooting glass marbles into a hole that was dug into the Red mud, to a young and an adventurous boy like me, I had seen all these
    back in Africa. But a tree caught my eyes and I saw large Jack fruits hanging low, I also saw a few Mango trees with Green mangoes and a Banana tree, so I left the boys and had drifted into my own world, by now I was in a different gulley /Alley way, this seemed like miles away from where I should have been, I had lost track of time and no sooner was I walking back, I heard a dog barking, as I went further away, I felt that a dog was on my tail, I started sweating profusely and at the same time, started to run, but then I had tripped onto a stone or a hollow in the rough terrain of the gulley and fell, fortunately I wasn’t hurt, but the wild dog had caught up with me and had beaten me in my buttocks, through my Khaki shorts.
    I started crying, but what could I do, some close by neighbour’s had seen me and they soon realised who I was(it’s a small town), one Rickshawalla put me on his tricycle and rode me to a doctor, the doctor took charge on me immediately and gave me my first Anti-rabbi shot, this hurt me badly as it was shot in the vicinity of my belly button.
    Once my mother was told about my incident by the neighbour, she had come over to the clinic and was made aware that I would need to get a shot every day at the same time for the preceding 30 days, to complete the treatment. After all was complete, I never wanted to be around any dogs.

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