Thinking Illegal?

Thinking Illegal?

July 25, 2013
It’s still legal! I’m a ‘provocateur’ to encourage people and sheeple to think, and mainly to jump over nonsense and ‘beliefs’ that are only regurgitated from years and centuries ago when only men were allowed to ‘think’. The thinking of men has been generally limited to survival and pleasure mixed with greed and lust. With many men, limitation in creative thinking was cloistered by adherence to a religion of guilt. Still, the populace are ‘bottom feeders’ of thought, absorbing with little analysis of others passed on thoughts from parents, culture, and ancient man’s history of his primitive time. Scooting and bumping through life filled with harmful habits is still modern man’s plight to the dead end.

Women were not allowed to think, but to be faithful slaves and servants of man, which in many cultures still is alive. In the more open Western world, females are using education to learn to survive independently, but sadly still revert to ancient habits of ignoring ‘what’s going on in the world’, in other words, bottom feeding just reacting to their little world, and at the expense of looking within. The time has come to be part of the small percentage of females who don’t just follow submissively in the shadows of men who have them on an invisible leash.

The mystic, Ramana Maharishi said, ‘‘You are awareness. Awareness is another name for you.” Paradoxically, it is the attachment to thoughts that become imbedded in you to hide the realization of who you really are. The obstacles or blinders to ‘clear awareness or seeing’ are thoughts. Progress in your evolution of heart and mind is the removal of thoughts. Go to their source where they arise. Check out where your thoughts come from, and let go to live in the moment.

As the mind becomes more clear, become aware of not only who you really are but what, why, and how things around you had been seen with limited awareness. YOU are a masterpiece! There are those who work with objects to create a desired ‘masterpiece’. A ‘mystic’ creates and unfolds the ‘masterpiece’ within. Put yourself aside, and not fill your eyes with the ego that sees everything from a cloudy perspective. See what is already there, and always has been throughout the ages but for dropping the clouds. Empty the mind, and allow the heart to open and feel, rather than being a pawn of limited thinking and feeling. You are a ‘masterpiece’ waiting to be uncovered!

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