Stuck in Love

Stuck in Love

June 18, 2013
Few are the couples who rise above the tediousness of faded love. The term ‘prisoner of love’ is applicable to most ‘energy bunnies’ of early love that in time settles in to the level of the more negative of the two. The days of sunshine and starry nights change to clouds, rain, snow, storms interspersed with infrequent glimmers of love’s sunshine. Too many accept that as the ‘love’ that must be sustained at all costs often assuming, ‘that’s all there is’.

Nothing could be further from the truth, but truth is a scary thing when you can live in imagination only, and continue actions that keep you from a blissful life. If you’ve got inner aspects of yourself you’re not comfortable with that, in fact, may cause you anger, depression, recurring dark moments, etc., there is a lack of finding your deep inner ‘real self’. In that depth reaching the ‘real self’, is where love resides. Let go of who you think you are, and let the love rise. Until relationships of any loving depth stop being like asteroids and comets, and only coming briefly or occasionally, genuine love won’t happen.

Couples who experience one or the other closing the door on love’s emotion, they are likely doomed to being stuck in love’s climb at the lower rung of the ladder of love. Accepting sporadic feelings of love at best is to fail in love.  Unhappy love reciprocates by sending up chaotic emotions of fear, hate, gloom, depression, confusion, anxiety, anger, lack of trust, and on and on. Couples feed each others reactions or responses. There are couples who swim in love consistently, persistently with little or no negative traps. It may be all in the minds use of positivity, but not without deep loving feelings about yourself, and the other as yourself.

The only change necessary is to always be in your heart as well as the other’s heart simultaneously. The mind alone, regardless of its sharpness will not love without the heart taking the lead. Real love is like a magic elixir where everything, particularly the object of your love is always wonderful.  It’s not necessary to go out to buy something to make love work, or I should say play as most seem to do for a quick flash of ‘feel good’. Mutual love is ‘frequency’, and being immersed in each others zone of vibration. My experience is that ‘full love’ between two people is void of all arguments that are replaced by joy and compassion. All else is a ‘failure to communicate’ and symptomatic of personal unresolved issues.

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