Deceptive Perceptive

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Deceptive Perceptive

June 7, 2013
The man who climbs higher in the tree sees more of what’s coming on the horizon than the one on the ground. The one on the ground can only ‘believe’ what’s coming without seeing it. Common sense and reason focuses on the facts. One of life’s great purposes is to elevate the consciousness through experience and wisdom while moving beyond ‘beliefs’ where possible. Beliefs can only give you a deceptive feeling or someone else’s alleged knowledge. Stuck on beliefs, you will never know truth.

‘Systems of beliefs’ followers use the most cunning of ways to infiltrate the vulnerable mind, and keep it hooked with half truths and less. A ‘believer’ closes his mind to possibilities outside of what he is repeatedly told. A believer becomes ugly as the proselytizing starts. No amount of logic is met with nothing but ‘whisking it off’ if favor of ‘religion pablum’. There are three Christian men who gather downtown here weekly for an hour and a half to proselytize Jesus. I do my free speech display a block away on most days, and stop by to say a friendly hi to them with a bit of conversation.

These three Jesus fellows always initiate the subject of their beliefs. Many times I’ve told them that Jesus will do nothing for them compared to the ‘sun of god’ in the sky over their shoulders. Still, as most christians would, they begin defending their bible without taking the time to think about the logic of the sun rising everyday to give renewed life to all. Their viewpoint is ‘deception perception’ that blocks truth in favor of beliefs!

Wisdom comes with experience of the known. The ‘known’ cancels the need to believe. Religions fill the mind with beliefs and at the same time shut and lock the doors of doubt. All children should be taught to doubt and look beyond ‘beliefs’ to truths, and beliefs by definition are because there is doubt. Inner growth begins when the mind is open to let positive ‘experienced truths’ enter as carriers of ones perspectives.

Using a human being as a means to an end as does religion is criminal. Each human is an end unto himself. Perform surgery on yourself, and cut out all knowledge from books and with awareness, seek truths on your own. Be a pioneer for your path to love and truth. Remember, beliefs are always borrowed from someone else. Seek your own truth! Meditations are techniques to vacuum out all borrowed information to empty the mind for the here and now! Clean house! Start fresh!

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