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May 30, 2013
Into-me-I-see and into-You-I-see. Remove the log or log jam from your own eye before pointing out the speck in someone else’s! Creating deep intimacy in another requires being in deep intimacy with yourself. To see beyond the mountains of muddy waters of your past is near impossible when seeking another to share life’s possibilities with. Most have their natural clarity jammed up with not only unresolved issues but the identification with those issues as being part of them. ‘Smooth’ is the goal to a refined self that is ready for a compatible fit with another of the same clarity.

It’s normal for those with issues of the past blocking the opening to love’s depths to not even be aware enough of the dilemma to do anything about it, but blame the other for difficulties. Imagine if both are in the same state of being and shooting ‘blame arrows’ at the other!? Welcome to the old normal generation after generation with little or no improvement. The seed of ‘intimacy impropriety’ is passed on both genetically as well as being reinforced by early experiences in a young developing mind. Millenniums ago the earth likely had less people than many cities do today, and this ‘intimacy fear’ dilemma was passed on to a small amount. As the population has doubled in the last few decades, that ‘rejection trait of deep love’ has spread to the new billions.

What do you do with the fear of intimacy to yourself as well as another? Why just work around it with the inevitable ‘shrapnel’ that explodes and reoccurs throughout life? Doing nothing about it actually causes behaviors that manifest detrimental to all forms of good health. To be in harmony with life is best to begin with yourself, and those closest particularly a mate.

Love without passion from the being is wonderful but is like the sunshine on a clear day of a cold winter, nice but not the same as the same day in the warm sunshine. To be alone, and find everyday upon waking to be exciting to be alive regardless of what the day may bring is a blessing of self love. That excitement transfers both to the love in ones life, and others wherever they may be. Giving love is reciprocated in like by the openness to receive from another, and from the universe. Where there is fear as one approaches love, it’s the moment to walk into that fear, and see it convert into forms of love’s splendors and ‘mutual intimacies’.

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