Compassion Can Be Dumb

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Compassion Can Be Dumb
May 26, 2013
‘Trust but verify’ is a popular slogan meant as a ‘fact check’ in case of error. In an uncertain world with people who are themselves ‘uncertain’, blind faith just doesn’t suffice. Transparency in ‘truths’ are open to inspection or questioning particularly if the consequences of being wrong justifies a closer affirmation. The word ‘compassion’ is to be consciously sympathetic usually with an emotional connection of anothers suffering or distress with a desire to alleviate it. The key word is ‘consciously’ meaning to assess if the act of compassion has a strong possibility of collateral damage that could effect you and possibly others.

Compassion can have ‘karmic’ effects bringing more happiness, less stress, more reciprocity and some say, ‘it slows down the aging process’! To have empathy for anothers situation is to put yourself in their shoes ….and, maybe walk a mile in them. Compassion is the way of the Buddhists. People who are of the compassionate type actually have a ‘catalytic’ effect on those around them, or in other words it’s an invisible source of energy that spreads itself to those open to it even ever so slightly. In a way, compassion is like a drug such as marijuana that turns you on with its vital force.

However, like all things, there are other perspectives. One recent example involves one of the most compassionate and generous nations, Sweden. Sweden is known as a peaceful, tolerant and compassionate country over the decades and longer. Escapees from the Middle East violence and warring are fleeing to various countries in Europe. Word has gotten out that Sweden, up until now, has been the most receptive, and with government ‘hand outs’. Problem is the vast majority of escapees are male, and ‘high testosterone, abused, males who are teenagers and early 20’s. These males are ‘culturally deprived’ and unaware of other more sophisticated cultures. In addition, there is a lack of employment opportunities, thus a lot of time on their hands, little money, and sexually frustrated. Riots and raping by this collective are changing the face of Sweden.

Compassion is wonderful with common sense, discernment, and staying out of harms way. An extreme example of wrong compassion is to take a wild animal as a pet and expect loving ways will produce ‘loving responses’! There is a saying of ‘using tough love’ perhaps for unruly children. Tough compassion focused on keeping decisions toward others balanced for harmony of the greater good, must always be a top priority for your welfare and others.  It’s best to not be in the situation having one unruly person or a small cadre of undisciplined humans with no direction. The heart of compassion must be balanced with discerning awareness in keeping with common sense and peace ‘in the house’.

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