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Sissy Males

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April 29, 2013
Men who follow a religion, or any so called ‘God man’ are ‘sissy’s’. An adult male who can’t at least go to his version of a God without hanging on to some holy book has stunted his emotional growth. It’s time to grow up facing life and love full on without the crutches of any religion gobbledegook. Religion is alive primarily because other sissy men have decided to give up certain freedoms of expression and possibilities to make a living being a ‘snake oil salesman’ by quoting ancient dead men who lived in a misogynistic world where women were slaves to man’s desires.

Rare is the man not living in fear who goes regularly to any religion institution. Men into standard religion are wimp minded, and ill informed about religion being a caveat for control of the masses. Same thing applies to their form of posturing to any religion icon. No man of the so called ‘spiritual’ who is worth his salt wants followers during his life or would want them after his death. Only an ‘impostor of the spiritual world’ looks for converts. If they come, that’s another matter.

Places of religion all have a ‘front’ that throws out it’s ‘hail Mary honey’ to make the gullible feel good – and to some extent, it does. They are ‘sheep shearing’ barns made to look ‘holy’ with some of the money that the ‘sheep shearing’ provides from the sheeple. No Jesus or Buddha would be seen following and worshiping themselves! It’s all imaginary like children’s stories, and of course there is some value, but the mind remains in an infantile like state of believing. Men mostly go to religion institutions for the wrong reason, which is going to the wrong place for the wrong reasons – in other words, it is a weak backdoor to develop the evolving the spirit.

In a sense, it’s like the MKULTRA programming of people into sex slaves much aligned with the ‘Hollywood’ business. Likewise the ‘religion’ programming is to keep people ‘shut down’ or salt petered into useful citizens. A certain percentage of men go infrequently to church for business connections. Some go as it’s the only outlet they have for meeting females. Most of the men who go though are sissy’s who are still at the fairy tale stage in life. These men, for whatever reason they are there, assures they are conforming to the establishment. Of course, none of them are open to any challenging information that might make ‘belonging’ inconsequential and unnecessary.

Be open, discerning, and loving while going deeper into truths, and who you really are!

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