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Ship My Pants
May 3, 2013
One of TV’s funnier commercials is by a major all purpose chain store who has a variety of family members exclaiming elation that the store will ‘ship their pants’, drawers, or bed free! With the more judgmental minds, it creates shock waves. Developing a sense of humor is a gift to make life a lot more joyful, and yes, filled with humor rather that anger, judgment, depression, hatred, fatalism, and well, isn’t it better with more joy and laughter in the heart. A smile in the heart changes reality into a softer, more compassionate, fun everyday experience.

Always turn words into their best meaning. Words can shoot feelings of terror to the mind – sometimes, with good reason but, often because of misinterpretation, or a lack of compassion from the source. Most people today seem to have sensitive spots where any number of words, even meant well, send them over the edge of good conversation. I’ve said for many years, that with three words or less most people will rise with their anger or judgment. People following a strict interpretation of a religion are definitely not ready to deal with free speech, or open conversation.

Everyone is best to check themselves out for all conversation even that which pushes the envelope beyond normal acceptability. Living in a relaxed state of mind, with a good sense of humor is a good preparation for the many varieties of rhetoric which comes over time. That’s called spiritual alchemy creating the ability to turn all dissonance into an energy of positivity. Transcend all roadblocks to the positive mind by making the choice and action to stay on that path even if it’s faking it until you make it! See as much as possible from an affirmative, positive view point.

Drop judgment and go beyond words into feelings that come from the heart where no explanation is required. Some of those feelings that may often need words are: love, sorrow, innocence, departure, pain, inquisitiveness, solitude, music, respect, friendship, fright, patience, appreciation … See love and meaning from the heart in all situations. Make life a challenge to smooth all rough edges.

Never lose your sense of humor, and ability to feel deeply. If those responses are shallow or overtaken by negativity, begin by seeing the best in everything until it becomes an automatic response. Be free of all limitations within you. Examine what thinking creates limitations in healthy, positive thinking and feeling, and begin to let go of them. Freedom to be the highest evolution of you is your free choice.

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