Leaking Love

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Leaking Love
April 12, 2013
YOU become a slumlord of love when your love is met with disinterest of reciprocating energy. Unrequited love means it’s time to pack the bags of memories, and move on to the next phase of life which is best when you take that unrequited love, and turn it inward to yourself. After all, the most important love is the love within that in turn will give you the ability to love another as much as you love yourself.

However, the realm of giving and receiving capacity becomes of importance. What you have to give needs to be matched by the others ability to receive. ‘Over loving‘ is when the other isn’t receiving, likely because of never being able to receive more than a modicum of love’s energy from past experience. When two rare people’s love puzzle pieces fit perfectly into the others of receiving and giving, an explosion of recognition occurs that they are you and you are them. The mirroring of love becomes one. Nothing more need be done. In a more divine world, we all would find ourselves emanating that energy with each other which would require a choice of what to do with it.

Energies in synchronicity creates unlimited possibilities of choices. Real emotional freedom is created breaking out of the quagmire of holding on to love’s potential. Is there any closer melting into seeing and being the highest manifestation of god or godliness possible. Peak love that sustains itself opens up a new dimension within that becomes a permanent part of your soul. Remembering becomes superfluous as much as breathing air. Wherever you look at couples, there is leaking love creating a tension that at best has endless ‘patching’, but only momentarily. Leaking love creates misunderstandings as well as ‘fractured understandings’ that evade love firing on all ‘cylinders’.

Love, not leaking, has the ability to never be anything less than ‘all that can be’. Leaking love always is ‘needy’ looking for a perfect resonance with itself. By the same token ironically, love filled with with infinite ability to receive becomes filled with the endless energy to give wherever the giving is received. Non leaking love is in a state of bliss with itself, and seeks, with discernment, to give it’s energy to they who are ready to ‘catch it’. Leaking love has wrong pieces that don’t make a picture complete. Love is like a puzzle that has all the right pieces to fit into a living, loving picture coming together.

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