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April 5, 2013
Food Banks for free food, and Farmers Markets for best ‘value’ are great, and uplifting far more than any religion that promises ‘Hell’ for those who ignore! One of life’s greatest offerings is food for sustenance. Food for the mind is best when it’s without ‘strings attached’ and open. Food for the heart comes from the love of self and another. A healthy life style has nothing to do with sitting in Church or Temple one or two hours per week listening to someone quote scripture from ancient man. Regurgitated food for the mind is only for the mind that sleeps.

Why do people follow a religion in the 21st century while there are so many other positive options for the evolving spirit? People are part of a religion for many reasons. Some continue from their childhood. Some are fearful, guilty, or just don’t like to think for themselves. Some find solace from bad childhoods or trauma. Some seek business contacts. Others just need to belong assuming it’s the best way to some Heaven. I once knew a radical preacher who confided in me that many men go to church because they have small penis’s and look to connect with females in church who are more accepting.

Regardless of reasons, no matter how ego selfish they may be, life is best when following a giving and receiving path that leads to deepening of love and compassion. With ‘food banks’ and farmer’s markets the givers are those who give food to those receiving and in need, or offering a healthy grown local food alternative. Both opportunities provide a healthy environment around food, and for people to mix socially once at least once a week. No listening to ‘religion rhetoric’ that is most likely far off from what the original writer had intended.

Following nature’s cues from the highest consciousness will inevitably lead one on a path of righteousness. Besides, it is the ‘Sun of God’ up there in the sky that will provide  life for the foods necessary on all levels if you are receptive in an appreciative manner from the heart, awareness, and common sense. You are a ‘bank’ too for positive input that accumulates for materialization and activation. Life can be a reflection of your giving and receiving instead of putting barriers to such up all the time. You are entitled to receive ‘manna from heaven’, so to speak when you give appropriately in all situations. The time is now, and now is the only time! Feed and be fed. If you have trouble – laugh and the divine will laugh with you!

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