Jesus Had No Car

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Jesus Had No Car
April 9, 2013
Most of the world’s famous people of the past had no need of a car! Most of the current famous people have no need to own a car. It’s become normal to have at least one car because in the US one thinks they are suppose to have a car. The car mentality is like a ‘hamster wheel’ where no one stops, goes deep in thinking on how they would survive without one. Upon asking a few people ‘how many healthy adults really need a car’, this rather ‘astute’ small sample agreed that 50% or more don’t need a car! Nothing to say about how the majority need the use of their car anywhere near what they use it for. In fact, near 75% don’t even own their auto outright! It’s called ‘owing your soul to poor thinking’.

Use of ‘oil’ dictates what happens in the country second to lazy ignorance. Ever notice how most everyone blames the government for everything? It’s a left over from childhood when you blamed someone else for wetting your pants. When I call the populace ‘sheeple’, few ever thinks they are one. Sad news is, probably almost everyone you encounter is one, and some are zombie sheeple! There is a complete failure in mass common sense, awareness, and discernment of the best choices apart from your selfish desires. Our dependence on oil from others starts with you.

Buy, buy, buy, want, want, want, gimme, gimme, gimme mentality has karma built in, and the problem is nearly everyone’s accepting the notion, without owning it, that they are not ‘entitled’ to more, more, and more. If you have a problem with the growing disparity in wealth with the 1% – hell, you were part of the mass unconsciousness that allowed them to serve your desires to embellish their greedy desires. One hand washes the other hand.

In intelligent New York City/Manhattan, most all use public transportation including the 1% richest! In the town in which I live with only 9,500 people, almost everyone ignores the less than a $1.00 per day public transportation. This is primarily because of minimal use of the brain for realizing that they have the power to be part of changing America’s waste, and questionable government by making the simple decision to reduce their overhead by less use of cars. Is it also their ‘ego’ that keeps people off the buses?

The world changes as you change, and actively encourage another, and another to do likewise. This is the first time in history that we have, to elevate individually and collectively, the global intelligence and peace. Now is it! On Wall St., all in the investment community know that an ‘open window’ means ‘now is the time to sell or buy’, later is for the amateurs! Strike while the iron’s hot!!

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