Can’t We All Get Along?

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Can’t We All Get Along?
April 2, 2013
A 1000 pound black bear, and a 350 pound tiger and lion live in harmony with each other in the Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue Shelter in Locust Grove, Georgia. They were friends as cubs, now full grown, they are a ‘modern animal family’! Brings to mind, why can’t the three related religions of Jews, Christians, and Muslims get along after so many century’s? Hatred among them is worse than animals in the wild! The tiger could be likened to the Muslims; the lion, the jews, and the bear the Christians. If these three animals live together in harmony, why not people with the same characteristics. and much more alike than these three animals?

Strangely, the two most alike, the tiger and lion, or the two ‘semites’, yet the jew and muslim are least compatible. In this animal triage in Georgia, they all love each other!

The three animals have dropped their differences to find harmony. It seems perhaps, that if the three religions opened their minds and hearts to let love be among them that a ‘nirvana’ would blossom. It’s all attachment to ancient words and stories that at best once applied to an earlier, less evolved human being. Then it may have provided a better path especially given that there were no instructional books, and other media means with inspiration to follow. It doesn’t take a ‘rocket scientist’ to see that this clinging to ‘belief systems’ as against searching on one’s own for truths with all the great varied sources of information is a more sensible, less confrontative way of reaching the pinnacles of enlightenment.

At this point, the subject of religion is censored or banned from major media, even though credible, objective information is readily available, and to put the ‘adherents’ of these blockbuster mind controllers on a shelf in a museum of unnatural history. Wouldn’t it be just awful if ‘open minds and hearts’ in action while tossing in the spice of using ‘discernment’ in all actions became widespread?! ‘Open your mind’ could become the new religion and let people figure out how to do that! We could even encourage love of people from different countries which is now near impossible if two people meet in anothers country and want to be together.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to have teams of women trained in ‘mediation’ to have as a task to ‘soften’ the interchange of countries, especially those threatening war. Men have run things into the ground long enough while putting females into a category far removed from making a difference in harmony between people. Men have failed at getting along with men.

Seems women have the power to spread love far better. Christians have a saying of ‘Father, Son, and Holy Ghost’ as leaders of the world consciousness. How about a new look of Mother, Son, and Holy Ghost, or just a mindset of promoting females to positions of ‘mothering’ until we all get along, and avoid destroying the world and all life. Worth a shot! Earth is a Noah’s Ark where we can all live together while sailing through space. Maybe rename it Emily’s or Akasha’s Ark or something!

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