Déjà vu Habits

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Déjà vu Habits

April 1, 2013
Ever have the feeling that you’re following an unbroken pattern that is not the best choice of alternatives?  Keeping an open mind today is to play your part in being an example of a live ‘Savior’ of humanity on the planet. Habits that have some kind of effect on society need to be acknowledged, examined, and questioned as to if it’s the best habit given all the options. Questionable habits can contaminate your whole life style. Smoking would be an example, or something as innocent as always being late while keeping others waiting.
Habits can be personal or social with silent impacts on you, those close, or society at large. Society has infinite images, stratospheres, cultures, mindsets, etc., that each one can be a part of ‘endorsing’ by their way of living. Resisting change at this juncture in time is very antithetical to a collective evolving of society. People tend to congregate in groupings that are very ‘cookie cutter’. Those who fall into a more conservative life style of routine living fueled by the focus to enhance their lives primarily economically fall into ‘closed patterns’ of living, thinking, and expressiveness of the growth of the inner qualities.
A parable: IF YOU RELEASE A RAT INTO A CAGE which has many rooms and in room number seven you always put a little piece of cheese, the rat will go around, he will search in all the rooms and will find the cheese in room number seven.  Start over and the rat will go through the same routine to room seven. when he becomes accustomed to 7, you change it, putting the cheese in room three. He will rush to room 7 will look around, will not find it, will be a little puzzled, will run around the house and start searching in other directions. Once or twice he will go into room number seven, again hoping. But sooner or later he will find the cheese in room number three, and he will stop going into room number seven.

Not so with man.  In his programmed habit he will continue going to room number seven his whole life! Even if cheese is no more found there, that is not the point. He is unquestioning and devoted!

The Christian goes to the church, whether the cheese is available there or not. The Hindu goes to the Hindu temple. The Muslim goes to the Mosque — THE CHEESE DISAPPEARED HUNDREDS OF YEARS BEFORE. The Buddhist goes on worshiping the Buddha — yes, there was cheese, but twenty-five centuries have passed since then. NOW THE CHEESE IS HERE!

MOST of humanity is like that – more stupid than any animal who will always figure it out! Why go on citing the Quran if the cheese isn’t there, or looking for the best answers in the Bible if they are other better ones for now? The cheese is in the opening, questioning mind coupled with an open heart. You’ve figured out the moon is not made of cheese, now figure out that the cheese is in YOU ‘waking up’, and ON YOUR OWN!

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