Release Your Inhibitions

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Release Your Inhibitions
March 22, 2013
Release your inhibitions, life is a tremendous beauty to be experienced fully. No one else can feel it for you. Leave your life wide open. Let go of the pains on your lips, those everyone can see. Sometimes you are sad, hurt, happy, filled with joy, or whatever emotion is of the moment. If you feel like laughing or crying it is life’s natural response to letting go.

Say yes to everything without ignoring what should be paid attention to for common sense. Accept and take in whatever is happening, and let it run its course as you look around, all things shall pass, many being an opportunity to see the best way to acknowledge it. Let it in, but open the heart and soul while turning on an awareness to see the highest way to flow with the moments.

Life is filled with choices whatever the circumstance. Always the mind and heart can offer up a myriad of ways to respond. Its you who chooses. Don’t become aggressive to life, remain open trusting that there is a way to find for the best results. Creating a problem, particularly when there is already one there, is just to double the misery. The mental way will not always work, sometimes being in an effortless mood will bring answers you seek.

The spiritual person relaxes and sees that flowing with life will make you a desired guest with life unlike the one who struggles in tenseness and ensuing anxiety. Godliness is love. Real love bubbles up in the heart. Trust the godliness of life to guide you to the shores of safety. What is meant to be will be, but with relaxation and trust outcomes are blessings of life.

Love yourself, and love humanity even with its mixed outpourings. Avoid being a part time lover of life. Learn to climb out of yourself leaving the heart open to feel a joy behind every cloud. Every cloud carries the rain that will nurture your seeds of love, hope, and compassion. Carry a twinkle in your eyes, and an openness to see the light in all situations. Life is a lover. Give it respect where necessary, and it will return the same respect. Give life gratefulness, and each step will be in the best direction. See beyond all challenges, and that life wants to give you the best possible outcome. Stop worrying, and do what’s best to spend time on. You are the scriptor and artist of your life as well as the actor and producer! Step back once in a while, and be the audience watcher. Feel the manifestations with a positive heart and mind. Love is the vehicle for the journey to go deep into life’s meanings. Be here and now!

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