Lost Your Way?

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Lost Your Way?
December 15, 2012
Life has come of age for a ‘spiritual awakening’ like no other. You are empowered by the many ‘aids’ now available to facilitate you in your evolution. Now is the new coming of humanity, that for life on earth, and you, needs your active participation. In each of us is a diamond inside a piece of coal that needs your attention to come out of its darkness. Your way is only lost because you’re feeding ways to being lost from worries, fears, apathy, and self serving ways that don’t benefit the growth of yourself, and others into a deeper lovingness.

A persistent walk in the direction that feeds the positive inner qualities is needed. Start with a notion to give it a try. Move through all negative blocks that impede your finding the trail that leads out of the darkness of all obstacles. We all are given the spark within to survive even if the ‘fire’ to do so has disappeared, an ember burns within. To always blow on that ember to light your fire is to incessantly make the decision to look at every moment as an opportunity to manifest more positivity than the opposite. Don’t look back at the obstacles that have closed the doors of greater joys.

A secret is available that’s really just hidden in your forgetting it is a ‘tool’ of propelling you along the affirmative path. That technique is to ‘fake it a bit ‘til you make it’, and when it becomes your second nature. Most have even forgotten what ‘your way’ actually really means! It’s up to you to choose, but in a spiritual-conscious sense. It’s to see every moment as a means to ‘light the fires’ within to feel a passion for truth and more fuel of the love within to surface. There is a saying to, ‘seize the day’, how about ‘seize your life’ and make it beyond ‘faking it’, or just misinterpreting, and missing all it has to offer.

Go ‘direct’ beyond the ‘belief systems’ you’ve accumulated that have actually been turning into unnoticed-like ‘white sounds’. Life leads you, but are you leading the inner life that you can? Create the atmosphere within you that makes every day a celebration!
Let freedom flow in every cell of your body! Make your way one that others will take merit from. The godliness is in everyone if you open your heart to experience it, and it is ‘the way’! Love is your ‘endowment’ that you are entitled to!

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