Guns, Drugs, & Love

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Guns, Drugs, & Love
December 17, 2012
Love can be as dangerous as death. When ‘love’ is not there, or is a very shallow excuse for what lacks as a more accurate description of something far less, we have a problem followed by endless problems. The ‘lack of love’ reached extreme proportions in the recent shootings by a 20 year old disturbed person ending the lives of 27 people. All eyes are on the guns, and not on the probable drugs that filled the vacuum of missing love. The world is increasingly becoming more complicated with spiraling lack of responsibility for millions of people’s part in its destruction.

Love is simple. Awareness is simple. Discernment or picking the highest of available options is simple especially when compared to the grief caused by those on the ‘chain’ of events that lead to the ‘unstable’ using that ‘chain of irresponsibility’ for the opposite of love. We each need to ask ourselves if we are doing anything that may be part of an end result that makes it a less fulfilling life for anyone. The greatest gift that anyone can give is to find the love within themselves, and pass whatever it creates on to others.

Whether it be Wall St, guns, drugs, politics, travel, or whatever, we need to have well thought out restrictions overseeing all things which can cause harm to many. There are many aspects of our ‘money making ways’ that are filled with gaps in how to control misuses that put others in harms way. On a society level, people need to feel free to have dialog on ways to plug holes of potential abuse, and apart from the economic problems that may result. We can replace dangers with good active common sense for the safety of everyone. Guns or drugs need not be outlawed but overseen for use and the protection of everyone.

We no longer live in a world where every moment is about just survival for most, much like the wild, defenseless animals. Those who came before us have been in a long lineage of thousands of years of being in survival mode that has now presented an opportunity for personal and collective evolvement to a more conscious, joyful humankind. To save this treasure of ‘freedoms’, everyone needs to participate in making it a better world. That participation begins in knowing and loving yourself, and being a messenger of that for as many others as possible.

Click below for a short documentary on why it’s not just guns that cause the mass shootings, and many other problems.!

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