Welcome to Your Life

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Welcome to Your Life

December 13, 2012
You’re here now because you wanted to be from the beginning regardless of fleeting doubts caused by challenging times. You may or may not have been an accident that two people encountered in a moment of passion, but you’ve likely had every opportunity to create what your passions are, including those you spend time with, be it a partner in love, friends, relatives, numerous acquaintances and otherwise. Scattered and undefined choices bring you the same results.  Odds are, no one can take credit or be blamed more than you.

However, wherever you’ve been, or what ever you’ve done, or more concisely how ever has been the outcome of your life thus far, you’ve been at the wheel to make the best of it or not. Nothing can be done about the past, but ‘now’ has possibilities, perhaps for the future to be more welcoming to the spirit of your passions as they grow. Into every life comes rain and storms, yet rainbows and sunshine before the stars of the night. Days burn away into the unknown future that with awareness can be shaped to be as welcoming as possible.

Life is best sometimes when we entirely forget ourselves. Everyone is a child of the universe with the instincts to seek the unknown that gives more joy to our lives. The search for freedom is programmed in each of us with the wonderment of what is outside our little world. Recently, a young man escaped being in a ‘life internment camp’ in the repressive country of North Korea. He was born there, and had never heard of the rest of the world, technological advancements, and all the qualities that come with freedom including love. Even though he has escaped to another country of immense freedoms, he still doesn’t know what love is to even search for it!

Life needs the ‘freedoms’ to gather experiences, and the wisdoms to be able to resonate with the inner being that needs to open up, and let go of what blocks our fears or ‘intimaphobia’, and being our own closest, best friend. Life never really reaches the beginning until the ‘spark of love’ enters our consciousness. That spark will inflame a fire of the soul that is the authentic beginning of a divine, joyful life. The greatest gift of life is consciousness and love, and no one need look further than within yourself. Be open to the graces of life and love.

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