Locksmith of Heart

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Locksmith of Heart
December 12, 2012
Opening the heart can be harder for many than cracking the code of a safe at the Federal Reserve Bank for a Master Locksmith. Both the mind and heart are not easy to open with most people. People in general walk around with both in a ‘safe’  thinking they need to, to be safe! Strange behavior, but very common. Generally an open mind is accompanied by a somewhat open heart, but most closed minded think, falsely, that they are open minded. Delusion of one’s open heart and mind is popular.

The ‘Master of the heart opening’ is a ‘Divine locksmith’ extraordinaire. There are two keys, love and/or meditation to open the heart wide. One hand clapping the air has no sound or resonance. The ‘love path key’ needs resonance or a giver and receiver, both with open hearts all the way so they disappear into each other to awaken a new man and new woman. The old man and woman populate the world except for a very few. Those few ‘conscious’, be they together or separate, are mostly invisible to the masses who are so consumed with their ‘drama’ to take no time to see the few guides or locksmiths of love.

The ego of fear keeps those stuck in the illusion of ‘safe’ when in fact they are locked up in the ‘heart safe’. The Master knows that, like sleep, it just comes in a let go, but can’t be forced with thought. Thought is not the key to opening the heart, but could be the finder of the ‘heart key’, then it’s up to the heart to open of its own accord. Two partners need to be letting go of all past and future in a total giving each to the other to create a ‘godliness’ that is nameless, and can’t really be put into words.

Deep love with another transforms and awakens the soul to always see beyond its invisible qualities of life that others, at best, only get flashing moments of. That ethereal love releases the surreal, infinite qualities that fill one with the passion to share the experience in any way that is possible with others who can receive. Still at this time, humankind is evolving from the dark ages except for a material world that far exceeds anything known in the past. That material world has convinced all but a few that we live in a very evolved world, when it’s really showing itself to be the same humans from centuries ago, but only with impressive technology, and intellect poorly connected to the heart.

The path of meditation to love is for those who can’t unlock their own heart with another in synchronicity. Unlock your heart as much as possible on your own, and existence will be available for another heart to open the final lock.

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