Mean People are Stupid!

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Mean People are Stupid
December 9, 2012
To be fair, we all can be stupid, but some take it to a new lower plateau. To be ‘stupid’ as a human to others is to be homeless in the temple that houses the soul. Meanness always has the shadow of stupid. To be mean is to be unconscious toward the sensitivity of another. To see with no eyes but your own in disregard of the feelings of another is to acknowledge a limited capacity for empathy and compassion. Every being deserves your best selection of options to interact with them.

Stupid can be forgiven easier when it has nothing to do with a persons feelings. Imperviousness to others beyond what they can do for you is like walking through life with the blinders of a horse that trots down the street. Those blinders are for his protection as well as those on both sides of him. Human capability is greater as is the expectations of humans unequaled abilities to make it better for all of life.

Earth has been like a huge cemetery of the living dead. Ring a bell to awaken the Rumpelstiltskins. Stupidity and meanness to others can be as strong as death, not seeing that is as cruel as the grave. You may have sought better answers, yet not found them, but it’s time to arise, and seek that internal space that stores the answers to a new, better you. Why stay in the shadows, and clutches of ignorance when the door is within you. Sleep is for the nightfall when you lie down to shut the eyes, not in the light of the day to be like a zombie of bad habits. The floodgates of positivity can be opened by you to let loose all that benefits yourself and others.

It’s NOW in time, and it’s all up to each individual to realize they are at the starting gate to make it a better world. Those who came before, where ever they might be, including right here ‘reincarnated’ would like to see each, and everyone make a difference in the evolution of the human condition and spirit. Times before did not have the advantages that are available today. It’s what we do NOW, to enlighten ourselves, and others that counts most of course, but dragging the past, and being attached to it is kinda psychopathic in a strange way. Why complain about yesterdays food, when it’s what’s being served up today that matters most!

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